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Computers and Technology

What are the Skills Required To Be a Java Full Stack Developer?

To define a full-stack developer we can simply say that he is a candidate who can develop both client and server software. If a developer works on full-stack, it means he is comprehensively doing all the tasks. These tasks include- Front-end, Back-end, database, and finally the integration process. As a full-stack developer, you need to cater to coding the server-side API, programming languages for back-end development, functioning the client side of the application using JavaScript, querying databases, and version control systems. A full-stack developer enriches the functioning of the organization and team. Thus, one can learn this skill from Java Full Stack Developer Training Institute in NoidaDue to development in a varied skill set, a Java Full Stack developer can reduce operational costs. Now, let’s consider how can learning this skill set be helpful for you, in the article ahead.

What technical skills are needed to be a Java Full Stack Developer?

To be proficient in Java Full Stack development, you need to be skillful in core Java skills with Java 8 features also referred to as Java Functional Programming. 

  1. Java Build Tools: Maven, Gradle  
  2. Another skill is- Integrated Development Environments (IDE): Spring Tool Suite, IntelliJ IDEA 
  3. Databases without SQL: Redis, RavenDB, Apache Cassandra, and MongoDB
  4. Relational Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL Server,
  5. Cloud Databases: DynamoDB, Cosmos DB  
  6. Build DAO/Repository Layers: Spring Data JPA, JPA/Hibernate  
  7. Build REST APIs: RestEasy framework, Sprint Boot, Jersey REST framework, 
  8. Secure REST APIs Using Spring Security: Authentication, JWT, Role-based authorization 

Which soft skills should be possessed by a Java Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer needs to have some basic soft skills as well, which are- 

  1. Creativity – The developer must acknowledge the project’s objectivity and must create a product that engrosses the target audience. 
  2. Strategic planning – Planning is the most important phase in any development life-cycle. The developer should have the insight to plan the design, development, and implementation phases strategically. This helps in streamlining the process.
  3. Analytical skills – Along with other skills, analytical skills help analyze information accurately and make logical, data-driven decisions that help in enhancing efficiency. So, these are skills that one develops when they’re exposed to them. 
  4. Problem-solving skills– It is very crucial to forecast any errors and develop a bug-free application. Therefore, problem-solving skills play an important role in ensuring the smooth conduction of tasks. 
  5. Time management skills – The developer must be able to work within the time limit while ensuring the proper execution of his tasks.

How much is the average salary of a Java Full Stack Developer?

As a Java full-stack developer, you can apply for many great job positions. However, your salary will depend on a lot of factors -like your work experience, technical skill set, professional credentials, etc. On average, a Java Full Stack Developer earns a salary of about ₹7 to 8 LPA.  

What kind of roles and responsibilities does a Full Stack Developer take up?

  • Development of front-end – With the help of HTML/CSS and JavaScript frameworks and libraries, the developer should know how to build interactive user interfaces. 
  • Design the backend of the application – A java Full Stack developer should build a robust backend architecture to fetch data from the servers.
  • Ensuring Cross Platform compatibility – A Java Full Stack developer has to ensure that applications run smoothly on all operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. 
  • API development – Depending on the application architecture, the developer is accountable for API creation. These APIs perform necessary tasks like extracting data from the server. 
  • Meet all technical and consumer requirements – The developer must know how to build responsive applications that cater to customer requirements and keep them engaged. 


In conclusion, we have outlined the skills required for a Java full-stack developer. Along with this, we have also highlighted the roadmap to becoming a full-stack developer. And the average salary scale of a Java full-stack developer in India. Therefore, it is evident that this is an in-demand and promising career option for developers. To learn this, you can enroll in Java Full Stack Developer Online Training. To hone these skills, you can opt for an online training course and get yourself certified in this domain. Thus, an online training course gives you flexibility in learning hours and mode of learning. All you need is a passion for learning and a desire to reach the pinnacle of your developing career!

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