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The Complete Manual For Optimizing App Store Listings

How many applications were downloaded by users in the previous year, did you know? 204 billion. You did really read correctly. With a B, it’s a billion. Comparing this to prior years, app downloads have increased by 6%. If you examine the statistics for the previous five years, you will see that between 2016 and 2019, there was a 45% increase in app downloads. People were spending more time at home as a result of the epidemic, which hastened this tendency.

Statistics on mobile applications indicate that by 2024, they will bring in $935 billion in income. About 2 million applications are accessible in Apple’s app store and 2.8 million apps may be downloaded from the Google Play store.

This basically implies that your app will be up against millions of other mobile apps in the app store if you decide to build one today. How can you differentiate your app from the competition and give it the attention it deserves? App store optimization is used in this situation.

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App Store Optimization: What Is It?

The process of making your mobile application more visible in app stores is called app store optimization. Increasing your mobile application’s rating in the app store is the main goal of app store optimization. Additional goals include raising user engagement, obtaining favorable app reviews and ratings, growing brand awareness, and increasing app downloads.

App Store Optimization: How Does It Operate?

App store optimization and search engine optimization are quite similar, so if you are acquainted with one, you won’t have any trouble knowing the other. Similar to a closed-site search engine, app store SEO is highly dependent on the following:

·        Easy way to find material

·        Indexing

·        Algorithms for app rankings

Important Elements Influencing App Store Rankings

When rating mobile apps, the app ranking algorithm often considers the following variables.

·        Freshness

·        App quality as perceived

·        Brand value

·        User signals, like ratings and reviews

KPIs To Monitor

Increasing app awareness and yielding a larger return on investment are the objectives of marketers. The following are a few crucial KPIs that app store optimizers should monitor:

Reviews & Rating Engagement Reviews Downloads Impressions Shares

You may get a comprehensive understanding of your app’s current position in relation to millions of other mobile applications by monitoring these KPIs. App store optimization is a constant activity, much like search engine optimization. The rating of your mobile app will vary over time as new applications are released and algorithms are adjusted.

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Ways To Help Your App Store Rankings Improve?

You may take 10 actions to increase your app store rankings dramatically.

Select an evocative title

Unbelievably, a major factor in ranking is your app’s name. That is correct, really. For this reason, it’s critical that companies give serious consideration to the names of their applications. Try, if you can, to give your app a name that makes it clear to users what it can accomplish. You should also choose a descriptive title for your app.

This will make it easier for potential users to understand the purpose of your app and what to anticipate from it. Early on in the process, setting realistic expectations is essential since it lowers the possibility that users won’t be satisfied with your mobile applications. Your app’s chances of ranking higher are better the more relevant the name is. While the Google Experiment store only provides 30 characters, the Apple app store has 255 characters for you to experiment with.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

It’s time to pick the keywords you want your app to rank for once you’ve given it a name. The character restrictions for keywords in both app marketplaces vary, much as the app name. Users of the Apple App Store have 100 characters to insert all of their keywords.

Conversely, the Google Play Store does not provide app developers with a keyword entry area. They are thus required to include keywords in the description area, which has a character maximum of 4000. Find keywords that are easy to rank for and have a high traffic potential by doing some keyword research. Inspect the quantity of other mobile applications that have previously adopted similar phrases.

A program that can assist you in coming up with the ideal keyword for app store optimization is another option. For optimal results, it is crucial to include your main keyword in both the title and description. These keywords may also be created as long-tail versions, which you can then utilize in the description.

Clearly define your application

Assume that a potential user has read the title of your app and is interested in learning more about it. To what location would they look? This is the part that describes your app. This is your opportunity to go into great depth on what your software does and how it helps users.

Some of the questions your mobile app description has to address are listed below.

·        How does the app on your phone work?

·        Which issue does it fix?

·        How will the app improve the convenience of users’ lives?

·        Is the premium version of the app worth the cost?

You may develop a compelling mobile app description by providing thoughtful answers to each of these questions.

Select the Correct Category for Your App

Imagine going to your preferred online retailer and not being able to locate the item you’re searching for in the appropriate section. For a user, nothing could be worse than that. For this reason, choosing the appropriate category for their applications is crucial for mobile app developers.

This improves your app store rankings in addition to making it simpler for consumers to locate your app. Pick a category that makes sense for your mobile application at all times. To rank higher more rapidly, you might also choose a less competitive category, particularly if it is related to your specialization.

Give Screenshots to Users for a Sneak Peek

It’s surprising to learn that consumers select whether or not to download an app in only seven seconds. In those seven seconds, you want your mobile app to catch their attention. Adding visually striking and high-resolution screenshots of your software is the greatest approach to do that. Users will be able to see inside your program without having to download and install it thanks to this. The screenshots of your app will persuade people to download it.

The Significance of the App Icon

Though the first thing customers will see when they open your app, the design of your icon is often an afterthought. Most companies are unaware of how much of an impact it may have on your app store rankings with proper design. Make many iterations and renditions of your application’s icon, and evaluate each one prior to deciding on one for your mobile application. Make an app icon that is visually appealing and distinct to draw people in and prevent them from mistaking it for the emblem of another app.

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Add a Sneak Peek Video

A mobile app preview video provides customers with an interactive synopsis of your program, just way app screenshots do. They can watch everything in action and have a better understanding of your software with the greatest feature of a sample video.

It is strongly advised that you include subtitles to your video, since the majority of users may be watching it without sound. This will help consumers easily grasp the features and operations of your program. Just emphasize the most important aspects that your intended audience would find helpful in your short and sweet sample video. Add recordings from the app to your preview video.

Utilize App Store Statistics

How would you assess the success of your app store optimization efforts? Do they provide the outcomes you are hoping for? App store metrics may be useful in this situation. You can learn what is and is not functioning from this data. More significantly, it provides insightful information that will help you optimize your app store going forward. As previously said, app store optimization is a continuous process, therefore you will need to make adjustments from time to time. You can do it with the aid of your app analytics data. This helps you choose what should remain the same and what should be modified.

Obtain Favorable Reviews

Reviews and ratings are another crucial element that may significantly affect your app store rankings. It should be the aim of an app development business to get as many excellent, 5-star reviews and ratings as they can. Concentrate on enhancing the app’s user experience and provide consumers with immediate customer service. Get regular user input on how to make the app even better. What features should the next upgrade have? This will assist you in selecting the features for the next release.

Continuous Evaluation

The last, but most important, step is to keep track of your development. The “set it and target it” method of app store optimization is ineffective. You’ll need to monitor any changes and be up to date on the newest trends. Every month, do a thorough evaluation to observe changes in the rankings. If you’re having trouble implementing your app store optimization plan, consider these questions:

·        Have you selected the appropriate keywords?

·        How appealing is the app’s description?

·        Has the appropriate category been chosen for your app?

·        Is the icon design finished or does it require additional work?

4 Very Important App Store Optimization Suggestions To Help Your App Rankings

These four tried-and-true app store optimization strategies can help your app rank far higher.

Key Word Initiators

The use of keyword triggers by app stores is something that the majority of companies are ignorant of. Sub keywords that show up in the search box when a user enters your main keyword are known as keyword triggers. It functions in the same manner as Google’s auto-suggest function. When doing keyword research, this may be a goldmine for you since it might provide keyword chances that you may have overlooked.

Presentation of the App Page

To increase the number of downloads for your mobile app, you should optimize your app page in the same way that you do with your website. You shouldn’t expect to download any apps from an unorganized app page. The way your app page looks may make or break it and influence how many downloads your app receives. You’re more likely to persuade people to download your app if it appears attractive on the app page. Conversion rate optimization and enhancing the appearance of your app page should be ongoing processes, much like app store optimization.

Investigate Your Rivals

If you are new to optimizing your app for the app store, observe what your rivals are doing. How are they making their applications more ranking-friendly? Which keywords are being targeted? Take a look at their trailer and carefully read the description. This can help you understand what is successful in your field. They might serve as inspiration for you to add your own special touch. Make the most of these chances by improving the app store listing page for your mobile app and identifying any gaps in their listing. This will instantly place you in front of your rivals.

A/B Test Every Thing

Because each app user is unique, what works for one may not work for another. It is crucial to A/B test everything because of this. A/B testing allows you to see how new features are received. It also greatly improves your understanding of the demands of your app’s users. At Linkitsoft, If a certain color button seems to be more popular among users inside the app, it may be a sign that the whole app should utilize that color.

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