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What Are the New Features to Incorporate in a Gojek Clone to Upscale Your Business?

Nowadays, nothing is possible without the help of mobile applications. They serve as tools that help optimize the functioning of smartphones and, at the same time, help us in our daily lives. However, soon enough, there will be way too many applications that get cluttered on our smartphones. How about a single mobile application that could do the job of several applications? An all-encompassing app that takes care of everything, ranging from ride-hailing and food delivery services to Handyman services. This is possible with the help of a Gojek clone, which is a super app.

Super apps are apps that provide an assortment of various on-demand services through a single mobile interface. Instead of using several apps for different services, these super apps offer access to many different services in a single location. These convenient apps help conserve space on smartphones that individual applications would otherwise occupy.

Super apps gained widespread recognition thanks to the Indonesian-based app called Gojek being the most prominent one.

Facts About the Gojek-like Apps

Let’s see some interesting facts about the super app Gojek, which took the entire Southeast Asian region by storm.​​

  • Gojek began in Indonesia in 2009 as a call center that helped consumers with courier delivery and two-wheeler ride-hailing services.
  • The Gojek app was launched in 2015 with only four services.
  • Gojek now provides more than 20 services.
  • It is valued at a colossal $10 billion today.
  • Gojek has more than 170 million users in Asia.
  • It is also Indonesia’s first unicorn company.

Thanks to its phenomenal success, there has been an explosion of what are known as Gojek clones and Gojek clone scripts that have flooded the on-demand service market, competing with one another for supremacy.

Gojek clone can be termed as a super app, developed based on the original Gojek app with similar features and functionalities. The main difference here is that the clone solutions can be customized to add new features and be white-labeled as well.

Services Offered by Gojek Clone

Gojek clone apps offer some of the following services.

  • E-commerce Services

Nowadays, most of the shopping is done through online means, and these are one of the mandatory services offered by a Gojek clone. Users can both buy and sell goods and services by using this platform.

  • Food Delivery Services

Food and grocery are vital for everyday life. Thus, super apps must integrate this delivery functionality.

  • Transportation Services

This is another useful functionality that offers services related to moving from a given location to a destination in large cities, towns, and rural areas. Transportation services should include ride-hailing and car-sharing services that operate seamlessly with the help of bikes, taxis, cars, and auto rickshaws as means of transport. 

  • Bill/Utility Payment Services

As a prominent feature of super apps, the users can pay all types of bills smoothly and streamlined from a single point.

  • Healthcare Services

Healthcare services are yet another essential feature of Gojek clone apps that can be offered in several ways, including telehealth, telemedicine, ask-a-nurse, and doctor on-demand.

  • Handyman Services

Lastly, the Gojek clone apps should help users access on-demand service providers such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, maids, massage and spa therapists, tutors, lawnmowers, and more.

Special Features in a Gojek Clone App That Help Upscale an On-demand Multi-Service Business

It is evident that in all the competing Gojek clone solutions, there is a set of standard features and functionalities which are very much the same. To gain momentum, it is essential to offer something new and unique with which the app can gain popularity in the on-demand service business and reap greater profits. Below are some of the unique features that can be implemented in a Gojek clone script. 

  • Smart Login Through Face Id and Fingerprint Sensor 

Logging into the Gojek clone app can be taken to the next level with the help of Face IDs for iPhone applications and fingerprint sensors for Android apps. This removes the specific need for having to key in usernames and passwords every time.

  • Service Bid

This feature will help users to upload details related to the task on the app, and then in real-time, the service providers can place their bids for it. The user base can then select the best bid based on factors such as cost, reviews, and ratings. The services can be booked immediately or at a later time. App owners can integrate more services from the backend, where the user base can post tasks following which the service providers can place bids.

  • Online Video Consultation

Carrying out services through real-time video consultation is a good feature that will help users book appointments and consult with many service providers like doctors, tutors, and lawyers. In the current times, users can safely get their services done without the service providers coming to their homes. The work related to booking, consultation, and payment is entirely taken care of by the Gojek clone.

  • Deliver to Anywhere Feature

This feature, as its name implies, can help the user base get every type of product or service delivered anywhere in the given area. The destination is fixed, and the delivery personnel can be hired to get, deliver or buy anything from anywhere in a city, town, or rural area. Transportation is done by cars, trucks, two-wheelers, or any other mode possible based on the user’s requirements.

  • Multi-parcel Delivery Feature

This handy feature can be used when the user has to send more than one parcel to many people living in the same locality.

  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads Integration

Business owners can use a feature where they can upload both Google Ads and Facebook advertisements in the Gojek clone app solution, thus generating a lot of income.

  • Video Profile Displayer

This is a feature where the service provider can post a video related to their work and photos. For instance, a car washer can show a video demonstrating his car cleaning expertise. Another example is a video showing a beautician who allows everyone to get a glimpse of her experience in her beauty treatment services. 

  • Multi-payment Gateway Support

The features related to payment gateways can be prioritized during Gojek clone app development if the business owner thinks of running the super app business in several countries. This implies integrating local payment processing with each country’s various banks. The stripe payment gateway can be installed to facilitate global reach for the super app.

  • Limiting Service Provider’s Fraud

This handy feature will ensure that the service providers cannot mark their status as “Arrived” unless they are in a pre-integrated threshold distance from the user’s location.

  • Safety Checklist 

Given the pandemic, it is essential to get robust safety measures and precautions laid down and integrated into the super app during the Gojek clone app development phase itself. Both the user base as well as the service providers must strictly adhere to these precautions. One particular feature called the smart face mask verifier ensures that the service providers mandatorily wear masks at all times during the services. The users can also be asked to review the safety measures implemented by the service provider during service.

  • Job Cancellation Due to Violation of Norms

This feature will allow the user base and service providers to cancel a service in case one party fails to comply with the integrated safety measures. 

Concluding Lines

Business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs from across the world can capitalize on the present situation by developing a Gojek clone that offers exceptional and new valuable features to gain a competitive edge. A super app clone can be the best solution for on-demand service businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Get a feature-rich Gojek clone developed by one of the best Gojek clone app development companies in the market. And ensure that many features covered in the article are integrated into your Gojek clone for better results.

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