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7 reasons your business should invest in animation

Animation in your videos might help you stand out from the crowd. Animations that are clear and vibrant can help you attract the attention of potential clients as they browse services and products. This is just one of many good reasons to think about using animation in your company’s marketing campaigns. And when you collaborate with the greatest, you can be sure that the results will be something that truly matters.

However, you still have some questions about how to create things like explainer films and why you should. Let us go through a few additional arguments for choosing the most affordable strategy for promoting your business to buyers.

True in a certain sense, however using video posting to present a brand or company seems to be the standard strategy online. But individuality is a priority at Video production company london. Consider how unique your video is compared to other internet content. With animation, you have the freedom to distinguish yourself from others and get your point over to viewers.

Consider together all videos you watch online every day. They are literally at the tips of our fingers in the millions. But which ones catch your eye? Probably unique videos that keep you entertained? Are we accurate?

Attention is defined as “elevating above the cacophony to concentrate on one item.” Our focus on one subject saves us from becoming distracted by the activity of every other thing going on around us. As a result, people will listen to any message if you have their whole focus.

Your company’s brand will be distinctive.

Being as unique as you can will help your business stand out from the crowd, and by being unusual, you’ll draw in more consumers. Making the greatest impression is crucial in the crowded online environment. Internet video should be compared to a large ocean. Blue marlin is uncommon, although seabass is a common fish. Quality animation is like a blue marlin, whereas sea bass is captured on a grainy phone video. Are you keeping up?

People won’t take your company seriously if you choose to consistently use cell phone footage with shoddy editing. If your video is of low quality, viewers could not stick with it and your message might not be understood, which might lead to client loss. However, viewers are more likely to pay attention to your message if you hook them earlier on in your video and make it interesting.

With animation, you may have fun and feel lighter.

Do you believe that many internet firms take themselves much too seriously? Some companies use the “push your product in your face” strategy. But interesting and humorous material draws viewers. Don’t trust us?

People watch videos mostly for leisure and enjoyment. Due to its ability to transport viewers back to their formative years, animation can aid with this. Do you recall becoming involved in your favourite cartoons to the point that you lost track of time? Funny enough, when you’re an adult, animations still make you feel that way. A customer is therefore far more inclined to interact with animation since it evokes the same sentiments of enjoyment and relaxation.

The beautiful thing about animations is how many different ways it can be used. Using animation in your marketing may highlight your wicked sense of humour also drive home the point you want your audience to remember. Animation, as opposed to live footage, can defy conventions of reality and bring your wackiest ideas to life. In the end, animation is a fantastic approach to showcase the individuality of your company.

You can quickly update existing animations.

As industries evolve, so might your message in order to stay relevant in your sector. Take the current epidemic as an example; once the lockdown is lifted, your company’s operations will surely alter. It is far less expensive to adapt your animation than to hire fresh performers and rent a new studio. Not to mention that it is now tough to schedule a day of film making with the bulk of the world under lockdown. Nevertheless, animations may be easily modified with the aid of experts.Animated characters can also be reused repeatedly. Many companies have held onto the cartoon characters that have come to represent them. 

Animation is simple to comprehend.

Writing a conversation on a complicated subject or product can be challenging. If your text contains complicated language and your audience is unfamiliar with your industry, they will get disinterested. An animated video often communicates a point better than written text and still visuals.

An effective approach to convey a point quickly is through animation. Which is not to imply that you can’t use animation to help your audience grasp written materials better. However, motion is the best option if you wish to instantly attract their attention.

Headspace is a business that brilliantly communicates their goods using animated film. All of Headspace’s videos use animation, which helps viewers recognise their company. In their promotional films, they use animation to help deconstruct the complex topic of meditation. Numerous animated movies produced by Headspace assist users understand mindful thought and make meditation approachable to a wider audience.

Your conversion rate will go up if you use animation.

Use video on business website expressly to encourage customers to take action and buy something. People’s attention spans are getting shorter as a result of the abundance of textual stuff on the internet, therefore you need to convey your message quickly.

Humans nowadays have a lower focus and concentration than a goldfish, according to several internet quotes. This, contrary to what the BBC claims, is a fiction. The BBC does, however, imply that people’s tolerance is wearing thin and that they’re less likely to take action if you do not capture their attention inside the first eight seconds.

impart memorable instruction

This blog article has mostly discussed how using animation videos may increase revenue for your company, but maintaining success also requires taking care of your staff.

All firms must, in some capacity, address the issue of training. Safety for your employees comes first. As a result, incorporating animation in training will help your staff understand your company’s objectives. We can improve your training convenient and enjoyable if you use our services.

entice potential workers.

You must hire the greatest London video production companies if you want your firm to succeed. Or at the very least, bring those who will support your idea on board. Videos using animation may assist potential new recruits have a positive first impression, understand your company’s mission, present the culture, and feel motivated. Implementing a good onboarding programme is said to enhance employee retention by 82%, according to a 2015 Glassdoor research.

Additionally, a Deloitte Insights survey shows that 80% of new hires experience knowledge overload, and fewer than 8% of firms offer assistance to new hires in overcoming this problem.

Conclusion :

At Video production company london, we create high-caliber animation for corporations. Our team of motion graphic designers, animators, and artists is ready to provide animation that meets your requirements. We think animation is essential for any organisation, whether it’s to draw in new clients, differentiate yourself from the competition, or provide top-notch training.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in having an animation video made for your company. Additionally, please check out our animation studio cost tool if you’d need a quote for your animation.

We appreciate you perusing our blog post on seven benefits of employing animation in business. We hope this has given you a better understanding of the value of animation to your company.

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