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Scrumptious and Healthy Watermelon Cakes

Order cake online Cake is one of the major spots of attention at any celebration. It symbolises the yummy taste of joy enriched with the happiness and excitement of the people gathered there. Any celebration is incomplete without cakes. When it comes to the taste of the watermelon cake, it is no less than a lottery for die Hard fans of Cakes. Cakes are considered to be one of the most loved sweet foods of all the types.

Most of the cakes are decorated with the beautiful flowers, chocolate layers, flavoured syrup and creamy encrust. Whereas watermelon cakes are decorated in a way where its texture looks like a watermelon. It has an outer texture of green colour with sprinkled choco chips which seems like watermelon seeds. On cutting this beautiful cake its interior is made of red fluffy coloured layer with divine taste. It is a perfect summer cake to share with friends and families.

If you are looking for a list of the numm- yumm watermelon cakes then here’s some of them!

Watermelon Layer Cake

Watermelon layer cake is the elitist summer cake which looks like a watermelon. It is studded with the choco chips which looks like a watermelon seed. It gives it a very unique appearance and mouth watering taste. The flavouring of watermelon tastes exactly like the real one. 

The frosting of the watermelon layer cake is done with the vanilla flavours. The fancy outlook of a realistic watermelon is added to the cake with the help of butter cream. This cake is liked by all the age groups. You can even send cakes online because it is really fun to have it at any kind of celebration.

Watermelon Ice Cream Cake

Watermelon ice cream Cake is a perfect fusion of watermelon and ice cream. It is a watermelon flavoured ice cream cake which suits best for the summer season treat. It is a frozen dessert made by layering the vanilla ice cream and ice on molds. 

The outer green layer is made with the ingredient called lime sherbet. Hopefully it is a great treat for vegetarians as well because it does not contain any egg. The red flesh of the cake is made of raspberry colouring which tastes extremely delicious. This cake is worth tasting at any summer party.

Watermelon Sponge Cake

Watermelon sponge cake is like a lottery for watermelon enthusiasts. It is one of the most refreshing summer cakes out there l. The preparation time of this cake is quite less than others. It takes almost 40 minutes to set up and then gets baked within half an hour. You can surprise your loved ones with an amazing and yummy watermelon sponge cake. On cutting it gives a very soft, smooth and fluffy texture.

Kawaii Watermelon Cake

Kawaii is a Japanese art style which means a quality of being cute. So the kawaii watermelon cake, as influenced by its art form, is a cute looking watermelon cake. This cake tastes very delicious and due to its cute texture it is liked by small kids a lot. 

It has a buttercream frosting with raspberry flavouring at its centre. Red liquid food dye is used to give its fluff a watermelon pulp red colour and its encrust has a pink colour with very beautiful and eye pleasing little decorations. If you give this cake to anyone it will definitely make their day better.

Watermelon and Strawberry Cake

Watermelon and strawberry cake is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon flavouring well mixed with rose water. With a very attractive look of watermelon its encrust is filled with the strawberry taste. 

Its upper layer is garnished with finely chopped almonds which gives a crunchy essence in every bite. It is one of the best fruity cakes for sweet tooth people. You can enjoy this cake at any event with your favourite person.

Watermelon Fruit Pizza Cake

Watermelon fruit Pizza cake is an extremely healthy and tasty sweet food. It has the topping of honey, yoghurt, whipped cream including garnished coconut. Huge amount of fresh fruit topping is done on its encrust which gives it an aesthetic appearance. It is a great chance for all the fruit lovers out there to go and grab this extremely fruitful dessert. Get an online delivery in Kolkata with ease at your doorstep. No other summer watermelon cake will be more fruitful, healthy and tasty than this so don’t miss a chance to taste this divine watermelon cake.

These are some of the most suiting desserts to have in warm weather. These cakes are worth bringing a wide grin on our face. You cannot resist yourself from having such a delicious bite of watermelon cakes. 

Nothing could be more satisfying than having a bite of such yummylicious cake. Don’t stop yourself from getting these beautiful cakes at your parties and share it with your friends and families.

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