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Most Popular Tea in Australia

Australia Teas

Surely you have already tried tea from many countries: India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania… maybe even from Argentina, living in Spain may seem a bit “strange” but there is a country that produces really good tea, and that throughout the world is still foreign in proportion to the canons of exquisite teas… we are talking about Australia, that is, Australian tea. Don’t miss it!

Arakaki Estate Tea in Australia

For all our customers we have good news and that is that we are bringing to Europe, from the Arakai tea garden, an excellent Premium tea that will add an exotic note and originality to your tea shop.

The Arakai Tea Plantation is located on the west of the Sunshine Coast, the east coast of Australia. Its history begins with deer farming and forestry. This is followed by a specialization in the cultivation of wood from the tropical forest (sustainable with FSC certification). The name of the Arakai tea plantation is a tribute to an Australian tree species, to the roots of tea plantations.

Of the terroir of this Australian tea garden, we highlight its volcanic soil and subtropical climate, which makes Camellia Sinensis grow in a way that produces excellent tea.

Its owners, Brendon Collins and his wife Kristie, traveled to China, Japan, and Taiwan. The couple decides on the Japanese tea crops and treats them, against all the rules, according to the Taiwanese style. A few years later, their whole-leaf tea has already been awarded several times with the Golden Leaf Award.

Wholesaler Tea in Australia

So that you can surprise your customers and delight them with the highest quality, we have part of their recent harvest in our warehouse. This tea is imported from Australia and with all the permissive list to be marketed in Spain and throughout Europe. You won’t have to wait more than a week to incorporate this luxurious and exotic tea into your tea shop. These teas can be ordered exclusively in kilo bags and up.

Arakaki Estate Premium Green

One of the teas that we offer you for wholesale purchase is the Arakai Estate Premium Green, a light but very tasty green tea that you can consume at any time of the day. From late spring, summer, and early fall harvests. This tea can be infused up to 5 times. It has a soft green liqueur that gives you buttery and floral notes without astringency or bitterness. It is a truly fabulous green tea that can rival the better-known green teas.

Arakaki Estate Premium Black

This is a black tea from the Arakai garden. A light, sweet and tasty tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This tea is whole-leaf and of the highest quality. Its harvest is late spring, summer, and autumn. You can infuse it up to 5 times. To enjoy its authentic flavor more, we recommend that you take it without milk and without sweetening.

Food and drink options in Australian cafes are mostly healthy. They go way beyond what Starbucks offers: muffins and croissants, for example. In Australia, the emphasis is on fresh, fresh produce containing trendy healthcare ingredients such as avocados, yogurts, and quinoa.

It is normal for the movement in these cafes to start in the morning right after exercising, looking for a healthy breakfast to start the day refreshed. Learn More about Canadian coffee.

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