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Reasons to Choose Double Wall Boxes

Packaging is not only powerful but quintessential too. People choose packaging boxes and supplies for various reasons. It is not just an industrial necessity but a personal one as well.

Choosing the most suitable packaging supplies is often challenging. Unless you have to do it, you would not know how to go about it. However, with a little bit of research, this overwhelming experience can also become rewarding.

Firstly, it is important to steer clear of cheap storage boxes. When you are sending out products that matter, especially personal items, you would want sturdy moving boxes to keep the items intact. Double wall boxes are especially designed to give superior protection to your parcel. Whilst single wall boxes are extremely robust too, double wall boxes have certain added advantages.

So, how would you know which one is the right packaging supplies for the products you want to ship?

Before deciding the type of moving boxes, think about everything important to you. Do you want a strong box to send a parcel? Are you sending fragile items? Do you have enough materials to cushion the items?

When you analyze all these things, you can make a sound packaging decision adhering to the requirements. Always remember that packaging is not just about design; the durability, strength, and functionality of these boxes make a difference to the final package.

If you require moving boxes offering superior durability and strength, you may want double wall boxes.

Double Wall Boxes – Features & Characteristics

If you want more rugged and sturdier moving boxes, double wall boxes would be perfect. Similar to single wall moving boxes, these are made of fluted paper sheets pressed together in place between two line paper sheets. Both the outer and inner components are made from an array of materials such as recycled paper or Kraft paper. Sometimes even test paper is used.

The durability and strength of these boxes depend on the paper quality used and flute size. The key difference between single as well as double wall boxes would be that the latter has two layers comprising of fluted centre materials instead of one.

How Do Flutes Make A Difference?

Flutes are excellent formed paper sheets glued between two sheets of kraft paper. This arrangement gives much the much-needed corrugation, and shape adds adequate protection, rigidity, and padding to the wall of the boxes.

Whilst single wall boxes can have different sizes and heights of flutes adding to the strength and properties, double wall boxes use flutes for added protection, rigidity, and printability. These are not like other cheap storage boxes. You can choose from any size of flutes, combine contrasting heights of flutes, to create boxes suitable for varied purposes.

When Do You Need Double Wall Boxes?

If you were looking for tough moving boxes, double wall boxes would be the right choice. Heavy items that need added protection can also fit well inside these boxes. They are excellent options to stack things safely and store them during transit or in the warehouse. As they are increasingly rigid, they would better withstand long-term storing and stacking conditions.

Double wall boxes have been the most frequently used packaging supplies in manufacturing facilities and retail outlets. Both single, as well as double wall boxes ensure insulation and safety against volatile or sudden changes in temperature.

How to Secure Double Wall Boxes?

Whenever you want to upgrade to high-quality double wall boxes, upgrade the packaging tape too. Tapes are vital packaging supplies that secure a box. However, if you choose the standard quality of carton sealing tapes generally used in single wall boxes, it may not work with double wall boxes. In the latter, the board is very strong and thick, quite heavy too, for such tapes to stick.

The best choice is reinforced water-activated tape. It keeps double wall boxes secured and closed. Ensure that the tape is wet before application. As it dries, the tape bonds with the box and seals it completely. To ensure this works well, use a kraft tape dispenser.

Double Wall Boxes for Business

Single wall boxes cannot handle heavier and larger items. If the boxes are failing to protect or support the products during transit and storage, you have to switch to the sturdier double wall boxes. Industries and businesses like home décor, furniture, automotive component manufacturer, heavy equipment manufacturer, sport good companies, and other similar companies can use these boxes.

Last Word

Heavier products require extra consideration as well as proper planning for storage and shipping. When you choose double wall boxes, you can pack, store, and ship with peace of mind. Make sure you choose well as it matters and makes a difference.

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