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Pro Tips on How to Pack for A Move

Packing for a move and then unpacking, once you reach your new home, can be nerve wracking. If you follow some packing tips, this overwhelming task can become effortless.

It’s a challenge to pack all your things in cardboard removal boxes in such a way that you end up finding all the important items you need once you reach your destination. If you start packing at the right time, without keeping everything for the last moment, you can make this task super easy.

Here we present some tips and tricks to be followed when packing for moving.

So, it’s time to be a moving ninja! Let’s get started!

Materials Required

You will require boxes for moving house (small, medium, large and extra large boxes), packaging tapes, bubble wrap, scissors, permanent markers, packing paper and foam sheets.

Which Items Do You Need to Pack First?

Start a few weeks earlier before the final day of moving. All the items that are not required can be packed in the first round. One can start with all the decorative items such as paintings, vases, sculptures and other such things that you would not require.

You can also pack crockery that you use only for the guests. You can also pack, off season clothes, which you don’t require now. Kids’ toys can also be packed in the first round of packing. So, basically, anything that you would not need immediately can be packed a few weeks ahead.

Discard Things You Don’t Need

This one is the best tip for moving. The items that you are not using and will not use in the future as well can be discarded. When you discard old useless stuff, you make your unpacking way easier. Also, who wants to take the clutter to the new house.

Use Cushioning Packaging Products

It is recommended that you use packaging products for cushioning such as Bubble wrap rolls to pack your fragile items. Bubble wrap roll is one of the best ways to lend cushioning so that all the things packed in the boxes reach the final destination without being damaged.

One can also use clothes, blankets, towels and old newspapers as fillers to ensure that there is no more space between items.

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Label Each Box

Labelling every cardboard removal box is crucial so that you will be able to find things easily, once you reach the new house. You can write the name of the room on the box, say kids room. So, once you start unpacking, you will find all the stuff in the box of the children’s room. You can also name the boxes according to the categories, say crockery box, winter clothes and so on.

Make sure you write as clear as possible and mention as many details as you can. This will make your unpacking effortless. If the items inside the box are fragile, you can mention that also. Stickers with fragile mentioned on them are available online. In most boxes, there is a space to write. In some, there is also an option of checkboxes and you can tick the boxes according to the contents inside.

Make A Separate Bag for Essentials

You need to make a separate bag for essential items, which you will need before you reach your new home, and once you reach there. You will require snacks, clothes, face wash, sunscreen, mobile, battery backup and more such things. It’s better to create a list so that you don’t miss anything.

Hope the tips mentioned above will help you to pack effortlessly for your next move.

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