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Bell & Ross BR-X5: the first BR with an in-house movement

Bell & Ross BR-X5: the first BR with an in-house movement

It is always difficult to make space with absolute novelties in the sports segment, but Bell & Ross succeeded at its debut with a case inspired by the analog instruments on high-quality replica watches UK board aircraft. That experiment debuted when the frenzy for large-sized cases (also fueled by the success of Panerai) shifted the focus to large-sized watches that, in the case of the BR, moved further away from classical canons.

Recent history is different; the market is constantly evolving, in the renewed search for sophistication; moreover, not everyone has a wrist that is generous enough to accommodate a square case of considerable size, and, finally, not everyone is willing to wear a watch that is excessively characterized by aesthetics; you may like the inspiration but not necessarily the final product as a whole. From this principle was born the watch capable of translating the originality of Bell & Ross into a more mature product: the BR 05.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 collection was a success; less personal than the classic BR 03, it sufficiently preserves the soul of the brand and the geometry of the “circle within the square”, with the bezel fixed by four screws to the case, a hallmark of Bell & Ross. The new Bell & Ross BR-X5 collection is the evolution of this path and undoubtedly the most important project because it introduces important technical innovations, simultaneously repositioning the brand upwards.

We have experienced the genesis of almost all BR models over the years, in particular the sports BR 03, and we have often emphasized the need to associate the high build quality of French watches with a mechanism that, especially on the time-only variants, could tease as well as the colored ceramic case, a skeletonized dial or a particular finish. This important piece is now added to the new collection, closing the circle or, possibly, opening a new chapter in history. This could consequently also technically concern the BR 03 on which we expect also aesthetic developments at this point.high-quality replica watches UK

The letter X, both in common language and in that of Bell & Ross, is synonymous with “Experimental”; the new watch is made up of a sandwich or multi-layer construction if you prefer. Various layers make up the case from the back to the screwed bezel, with the central part widely hollowed out and with a brushed finish on the circular inner part and mirror polished on the outer edges, both upper and lower. The equally squared protective shoulders of the crown look like two Chrono pushers and give strength to the monolithic design.

The new caliber BR 323 is the big news, the answer to those who insistently asked for technical progress in line with the authority of the new collection. Without reading any specifications, just a glance at the dial to identify the presence of something new, the circular indicator of autonomy that counts up to three Rolex replica days at full charge (70 hours). The new Bell & Ross BR-X5 mounts the well-known caliber made by the Kenissi manufacturer (owned by Tudor, which supplies the latter with its automatic movements) and is customized to the requests of the French brand. Not a movement for those who love finishes but a sturdy motor that has COSC certification and extends the product warranty to five years.

The case of the Bell & Ross BR-X5 measures 41 mm in diameter (1 mm more than the BR 05) and is 12.8 mm thick, which is acceptable for a sportsman with a 100-meter rating. A special mention, of an aesthetic nature, concerns the dial: the new configuration personalizes the original concept of the BR 05, a bit bare for my tastes: if the large power reserve counter stands on the left, as mentioned, an altimeter-shaped date window, a clear reference to the brand’s aeronautical pedigree.

Prices and opinions

Bell & Ross presented four steel versions at launch, available both with strap and bracelet. We list them below with their list prices:

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel with strap – price 6.900 Euro
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel with bracelet – price 7.400 Euro
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Ice Blue Steel with strap – price 6.900 Euro
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Ice Blue Steel with bracelet – price 7.400 Euro
The rubber strap recalls the ISOFRANE straps and it is not obvious that the designers did not draw inspiration from the latter for the sportier (and summer) version of the new BR-X5. To the solution with a black dial (which we prefer), the brand associates a more exotic color called “Ice Blue” but we are only at the beginning of a journey; Bell & Ross has accustomed us to so many aesthetic and technical variations, and we can expect the launch of complications as has already happened with the BR 05s.high quality replica watches UK

The price rise by 2,500 euros net compared to the progenitor; denotes the ambition of the brand as well as the conviction of offering a product capable of making its way in a fought segment with broader shoulders than previously. In terms of build quality, performance, and comfort, the watch does not lend itself to any criticism; nevertheless, we would have attacked the market with a more competitive price, at least at launch.

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