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Benefits of Buying Soccer Jerseys

The primary purpose of a soccer jersey is to keep you dry. The large surface area of the jersey helps push water away from the body and evaporate thanks to water-resistant fibers. The main material in soccer jerseys is polyester, but other materials are also present in smaller amounts. These materials include elastane, known as spandex. They also keep you warm. If you’re concerned about your own health, you might want to consider buying soccer jerseys (fotbalové dressy) that do not contain any chemical agents.


When buying a soccer jersey for men, there are several important sizes that you must pay attention to. You should know your bust size and waist size, and you should consider your height and weight. When taking measurements, measure around your chest from the fullest part to the smallest part. To be sure that you’re buying the right size, bend your elbows slightly. Similarly, you should measure your sleeve length from the top of your collarbone to the end of your shoulder.

Soccer Jerseys

Depending on the material, some jerseys may shrink in the wash. For example, soccer jerseys made of cotton may shrink by about seven to ten percent after washing. However, jerseys made of poly-cotton or 100% cotton should not shrink during washing. For best results, avoid purchasing jerseys with tight chests because they might shrink by more than one size. However, if you’re wearing a jersey with a tighter chest, you may need to order a larger size.

Soccer jersey sizes vary from brand to brand, though they are generally similar between brands. Nike and Adidas jerseys, for example, tend to be similar in size. The key is to find the correct size for your child. Don’t be afraid to measure your child’s growth and make sure that they’ll wear it comfortably! If you’re unsure, buy one size smaller than your child’s actual height. While some soccer jerseys are designed to be more fitted than others, it’s still important to check the sizing chart for your child before purchasing.


Unlike traditional cotton polo shirts, soccer jerseys are made from polyester. This fabric is water-resistant, and the molecular structure prevents the molecules from absorbing water, as cotton does. Cotton was the fabric of choice for footballers in the early 1900s, but it is prone to absorb water and sweat to the extent of 7 percent of its weight. Polyurethane has excellent moisture-wicking properties and is also water-resistant.

Soccer Jerseys

Polyester is a man-made polymer that is bonded together in a chemical process. The Oxford Dictionary describes polyester as a material that contains a large number of similar units bonded together. It is also used to make plastic bottles, food trays, and a variety of other products. In fact, Nike recycles water bottles to make soccer jerseys from recycled plastic. However, the process is not as environmentally friendly as a traditional cotton jersey.

In order to care for your soccer jerseys, make sure to choose the right materials for them. Cotton jerseys should be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Synthetic materials like mesh can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. While cotton is natural, synthetic materials like polyester or spandex are best for washing. Aside from cotton, other materials like spandex and mesh can be machine-washed.


In addition to the colors of the jerseys, there are several factors to consider when selecting a number. Soccer players often wear different numbers to indicate their position. This is a tradition that dates back to 1928 when Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday first wore numbers on their jerseys. The traditional numbering system includes the goalkeeper as number one and increases from back to front until the eleventh player on the field. Soccer players typically line up in a 4-5-1 formation with a goalkeeper at the back and left fullbacks at the front. Each player also wears a different number on their jerseys, and these numbers are usually displayed on the shirt.

Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jersey numbers are important to fans and referees. They help the officials and players identify each other quickly. Referees rarely call out the players’ names during games. Using their jersey numbers, players can easily be identified in the crowd. The importance of jersey numbers cannot be overstated. While it is not advisable to make a decision based solely on aesthetics, it is vital to ensure that the numbers on the jerseys are representative of the player’s position.


Buying a real soccer jersey is always better than a replica. It is breathable and of higher quality. Furthermore, authentic soccer jerseys hold sentimental value, showing that the player has a great deal of trust in the team. Moreover, an authentic jersey will be a cherished keepsake that will be worn by generations to come. Let us learn more about what is the real meaning behind the inscription on the back of an authentic soccer jersey.

Soccer Jerseys

Usually, fakes are produced by unofficial sources using less-than-authentic materials. In addition, they usually don’t have a proper authenticity patch, brand logo, or other signs of authenticity. But this doesn’t mean that replica soccer jerseys are fakes; they can be authentic. If they are, you can always buy them from a legitimate store. Besides, you can also find authentic soccer jerseys in a cheap price range.

Moreover, authentic jerseys are often made of lightweight and breathable fabric. They also feature unique sleeve patches. The English premier league team, for example, wears a patch on their sleeves that reads ‘Premier League. The logo is then heat-transferred to the fabric. This gives a high-end look to the jersey. However, it may be heavy and difficult to wash.


Soccer jersey brands vary by sport, but fans are loyal to specific brands. The sport’s popularity has drawn brands to this sport, but it may take several decades before a brand truly establishes itself. For example, Umbro, which began in the early 2000s, has maintained its position as one of the top brands, despite financial difficulties. But, other brands are just as loyal. Here are some examples of popular brands for soccer jerseys.

Soccer Jerseys

Some brands sponsor a team’s uniforms, while others are more subtle. Some soccer teams don’t have sponsors, but their official logo will always appear on the midsection. This is because the sponsor doesn’t compete with other brands. In addition, many teams are sponsored by major companies, which helps to distinguish them from their competition. Such relationships benefit fans as well. However, FIFA doesn’t like the idea of shirt sponsors competing with official sponsors.

A soccer jersey is one of the most important pieces of marketing for a team. It’s an excellent place to advertise the team’s logo. Most soccer jerseys place their logo on the front or in the center. This makes it easy to spot. The numbers, on the other hand, should be placed on a neutral-colored patch. These numbers should be large enough to be easily readable and make it easier for team members to identify each other.


The colors of soccer jerseys vary greatly from club to club. Some clubs use traditional colors like blue and white, while others choose bold and daring colors. It all depends on your taste and preferences. Some jerseys are adorned with the name of your favorite player or the name of the team you play for. Other colors that you may want to consider are neon orange and red. Here are some ideas on how to make the perfect soccer jersey.

Soccer Jerseys

AC Milan: This Italian club has a rich history, and has long been a contender for the Serie A title. Liverpool: Another soccer team with a long history, Liverpool FC is famous for wearing a red and white jersey. The club has been the best in the world for a long time, and they’ve won the Champions League twice. Their jerseys are usually red from top to bottom. In addition to red and white, some teams use both black and white in their kits.

Juventus: The away kit of Juventus features a dark blue base and silver accents. The sleeve detail on this jersey is unique. Barcelona: The away jersey of Barcelona is all black with gold accents on the sleeves. The team’s crest is redesigned in a black and gold theme. Genoa: The away jersey of Genoa is mostly white with a dark blue stripe down the center and Kappa Omini logos along the shoulders.


In almost every country in the world, the English Premier League is watched by devoted fans who pay attention to team gear, including the design and colors of the players’ jerseys. Because of this popularity, the design of soccer jerseys has undergone a series of evolutions, focusing on the perfect balance between performance and appearance. The most recent changes in jersey design are more fashionable than ever, with a greater emphasis placed on the player’s identity and the team logo.

soccer jerseys

The design of soccer jerseys has been changing since the early 1970s when soccer first began to catch the world’s attention. In the 1970s, when the MLS was still a relatively new sport, fledgling teams were finding their identity and style. The New York Cosmos, for example, originally wore green jerseys but changed to white in response to the signing of Brazilian legend Pele. The team won five World Cups in a row with the new look and color.

Warren Creavalle, a Philadelphia Union player, has become a prominent designer, incorporating his team’s team colors and logo into his designs. The entrepreneur has also incorporated the designs of other professional soccer players into his brand, including Warren Creavalle, who plays for the Philadelphia Union. Creavalle also has his own lifestyle brand, and he has passed on his design ideas to his students. This way, soccer players can express themselves in their own way while benefiting their community.

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