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AI Turbocharging 3D Game Development

  • Earth web has mentioned, at present, the global video game industry worth above $300 billion.
  • Mordor Intelligence reports that the video game market will reach $ 339.95 billion by 2027.
  • The global Artificial Intelligence market will reach $126 billion by 2025. (Statista)

Isn’t it evident that these two potential industries, AI and 3D game development will cross paths at some point?

Videogames have gone beyond engaging time pass and child’s play. Gamers these days expect the implementation of the latest technologies in game design and development to experience high-tech gameplay.

AI and ML in game development hold a significant impact on how the advanced level of 3D video games turn out.

VR in gaming is nothing new.

Statista has already claimed that the revenue coming out of the global VR gaming field will reach $2.4 billion by 2024.

Since AI has penetrated nearly all the VR areas, why would the video game industry leave behind?

3D game development is a critical and challenging job, no doubt. Amid the chaos of game design and development, AI technology is the wonder element for 3D game development companies worldwide.

Unlike any other industry, AI in game development is still in its infancy. Video game professionals are on their toes in implementing AI into game development in the broader aspect.

AI in 3D Game Development

AI has changed the face of the video game industry. While the competition is getting ultra-intense, 3D game development companies leverage AI technology to make the game more realistic and attract gamers.

In terms of AI application in 3D game development, AI benefits game design and development in diverse ways.


Bringing More Flexibility

For 3D game development companiesAI is the novel way to bring more flexibility and versatility in the 3D video gameplay.

At present, around 3.24 billion gamers are plunging into various types of video games worldwide. (Statista)

So, quick and engaging gameplay is incredibly essential to acquire gamers’ attention and make a 3D game popular.

AI is the secret sauce to enhance3D game development, making video games more innovative, flexible, and versatile.


Generating Game Levels 

PCG is one of the chiefest areas of the AI-driven game design process.

Game level Generation or PCG (Procedural Content Generation) process leverages AI algorithm to create the open-world game environment, video game assets, game level upgrade, Etc.

  • AI-powered open-world video games enable gamers to explore a broad landscape.
  • Open-world game environment creation is tricky and time-consuming for game developers. AI algorithm helps them generate an infinite number of game levels within a blink of an eye.
  • Moreover, AI algorithms can generate interactive storylines.


Balancing In-Game Complexity

As per the reports from Technavio, the global immersive video game market will hit $206.19 billion by 2024.

Since nearly all the 3D game development companies are trying to surf through the immersive video gaming wave, extreme pressure is running across developers. Game designers and developers are relentlessly trying to charge their video games with immersive and realistic elements.

  • Real game-word modeling is not an easy-peasy task to accomplish. It increases the in-game complexity.
  • AI algorithms enable the game developer to predict the gamer’s future actions, model weather, emotion, Etc. It allows the game developer to balance the in-game complexity.


Designing and Developing Intelligent Characters

The popular gaming website Diamond Lobby survey reveals that 79.2% of main protagonists in games are male while 20.8% are female.

Whatever the ratio stands, intelligent game character development, irrespective of gender, is the sure-shot to boost your gamer’s engagement and retention. The vibrant presence of a video game’s characters levels up the aesthetic presentation of the video gameplay.

  • AI-enabled deep learning algorithms have made creating realistic human figures within a 3D game environment less challenging.
  • AI helps developers to attribute the character models with the perfect motion and body language.
  • With AI-powered 3D game development algorithms, game developers can quickly produce numerous face and body movements for the characters.
  • AI algorithms even turn the NPCs (Non-playing Characters) into less-predictable, making the gameplay more enjoyable.


AI-Driven Game Analytics

AI is revolutionizing video game analytics. 3D game development companies are unleashing the power of AI to gain distinctive insight across the game development pipeline.

  • AI-powered game analytics detect and analyze the flaws in a game design and development project.
  • AI game analytics can accomplish minor to significant adjustments in gameplay to debug the gameplay.


In a Nutshell

AI has brought about countless business benefits for 3D game development companies. Companies deploying AI algorithms in their games can save budget and time, streamline their development pipeline, offering gamers refined UX.

The prime intention of AI in games is to offer an infinite union of stories, characters, landscapes, and levels along with endless customization. The impact of AI in 3D game development will grow even more intense year after year.

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Now the question is, amid the crowd of 3D game development companies, who can provide you with a deep insight into AI-powered 3D game development?

The answer is EDIIIE.

We are a bunch of talented and seasoned video game designers and developers who have worked with influential brands and developed video games like Block Babies, Berserk, Etc.

Whether you wish to create AI-powered game applications or boost your 3D game development process with AI algorithms, we are here for you.

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