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How To Create Interactive Videos Easily?

Interactive Videos

Why Interactivity?

Interactive videos help you generate interest in your brand by offering a more direct and dynamic visual experience.

« 65% of those who view a video go to the advertiser’s website.» that’s because the interactive video is very important to all industry.

Who uses interactive videos?

Small and medium businesses

Marketing and/or human resources managers use the platform to create promotional videos and product presentations, video tutorials and videos for internal communication and much more.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Many agencies that offer website development and digital marketing services start offering video marketing services to their clients with interactive videos.

Social Organizations

Many NGOs use the tool for the creation of explanatory videos and videos for social networks and presentation of events.

6 Tools to create interactive video:


offers you to put an end to being a passive viewer by integrating various tools for the creation of interactive videos for free.

You can add quizzes and polls, multiple choice, and quizzes with short answers.

It can be easily integrated into the LMS, blog platforms, e-commerce and others.



It is a simple and easy-to-use platform.

It is not necessary to know programming and it does not require a download.

With this tool you can create and share interactive videos.

and With the “drag and drop” function you can create personalized videos with which the students choose where they want to continue.



is a content distribution platform that easily allows you to add the content you want and when you want it to appear throughout the main video.

The app searches for the video on the major video platforms and then you can add polls, important information, quizzes, etc.

It’s cross-platform and you work on a main board where you search, add, and distribute.


is a technology company that facilitates the creation of “storytelling” experiences through the production and creation of interactive videos.

It is available in two versions, a professional one which is paid and another for personal use which is free.

Videos created in the personal version are public and there is a limited number of videos.

With this application you can join various parts of the video, so you can draw on the images and create questionnaires and surveys.



you can create interactive videos with decision points. and You can also create interaction points in the video through links.

and the platform automatically recognizes people, objects and text.

It’s free for personal use, and limited to 10-minute videos, and has several package options for professional use.

So watching videos has become an essential part of digital culture.

Interactive videos allow a greater connection between the people and the content and the student’s thought processes.

Most platforms also allow you to know student preference and behavior by providing basic metrics of what part of your videos was of the most interest or what actions your students took throughout the video.

The options are limitless and with creativity you will be able to add interactive content that expands the learning of your students and increases the “engagement”.


Engagmic is your place to build an interactive and engaging content for your video to capture your audience with a unique experience to become a part of your brand journey.


Engagmic is your place to build an interactive & engaging content for your video to capture your audience with a unique experience to become a part of your brand journey

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