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Why Topaz is the Perfect Stone for Your Astrological Sign

Which zodiac can wear topaz stone?

Topaz has been prized for thousands of years, and not just for its beauty. There are many reasons to love topaz stone and there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful stone into your life. Check out these six reasons why topaz is the perfect stone for you and your astrological sign!

topaz stone

What is the topaz stone good for?

Are you a Pisces? If so, you might be familiar with one of our articles on which gemstones match your astrological sign! We’ve already covered Aquamarine, Garnet, and more; but today we’re writing about topaz. Do you know what topaz means in astrology? What are its traits? How can it affect your life? Check out our newest guide to learn all about topaz and find out what it has to offer Pisces!

Is Mystic topaz an expensive stone?

You may be surprised to learn that mystic topaz is considered a relatively inexpensive stone. Though it does not have a long history, it has earned a reputation for being well-suited to an astrologer’s needs. The price of mystic topaz varies based on size and color, with darker shades more expensive than lighter shades; however, even rarer colors are often less expensive than other stones used in jewelry. Because they are not as well-known as other gems like diamonds or sapphires, topaz can also be had at an affordable price.

What is blue topaz known for?

Rainbow topaz, also known as mystic topaz or Fairyland topaz, has a highly iridescent quality and distinct play of color. It’s not unusual to see subtle rainbows in your rainbow topaz jewelry. Rainbow topaz can be found in shades of yellow, green, orange and red. This stone also possesses one additional property that sets it apart from all other stones: when you look through it, you can see both your reflection and an image of yourself on a beautiful beach—as if you are looking at two images at once. This phenomenon occurs because while some stones are double refractive (like diamonds), rainbow topaz has a higher index of refraction than any other gemstone.

Is London Blue Topaz a lucky stone?

Blue london topaz is a beautiful color, and it holds a special place in many people’s hearts. However, London Blue topaz isn’t actually any more lucky than other gemstones or minerals—it all depends on your personal beliefs. If you enjoy wearing blue topaz jewelry, then lucky you! Just make sure to take care of your stone so that it stays looking beautiful for as long as possible.

Is rainbow topaz the same as mystic topaz?

No, though both are found in nature, rainbow topaz is often dyed to achieve its dramatic coloration. While rainbow topaz may be dyed, mystic topaz crystals are naturally occurring. Additionally, mystic topaz doesn’t require dyeing to maintain its coloring and remains vibrant under natural lighting. Mystic topaz also has a different chemical composition than rainbow (or blue) topaz: It’s composed of aluminum silicate while rainbow and blue varieties contain copper and iron.

Is rainbow topaz valuable?

There are many different forms of topaz, which has made it a popular gemstone in jewelry. As one of a handful of gemstones that can be found in just about every color under the rainbow, topaz has become even more prized. The most valuable topaz comes from Brazil and is known as imperial topaz or yellow topaz. It is valued at around $5000 per carat. Despite their value, however, blue and pink are actually more common than yellow onyxes.

Is rainbow topaz a real stone?

The answer to that question is yes, but not all of them are. Most rainbow topaz stones that you’ll find in jewelry stores aren’t naturally colored and aren’t true topaz. Rather, they’re created through a treatment process called heat-treatment, which makes them closer to quartz than to any other gemstone on earth. While those treated stones can still be beautiful, many stone connoisseurs won’t consider them true topaz. If you want a real topaz instead of a faux one, there are plenty of options available—just make sure to do your research and know what you’re buying. The FTC even has an entire page dedicated to What You Should Know Before You Buy Gemstones Online.

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