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What is the Difference Between Hyde Edge and Hyde Rebel

Hyde is one of the most popular vape brands you can come across in the market. They deliver high-quality vapes, and for sure make vapers coming back for more. If we talk about some disposable and rechargeable vaping devices by Hyde, Hyde Edge and Hyde Rebel are one of the most popular and best-selling vapes by this brand.

So, what are the differences between Hyde Edge Recharge and Hyde Rebel, and what do each of these best-seller vapes have to offer to individuals? Let’s find out!

Hyde Edge

The Hyde Edge rechargeable 3300 disposable vape is a disposable vape by Hyde. It has various features to offer- from an impressive integrated rechargeable battery, draw-activated firing mechanism, impressive puff count, sleek and compact design, and various other features.

Let’s check out what the Hyde Edge has to offer: 

  •     Rechargeable

The Hyde Edge features a rechargeable battery, which lets users recharge the device when needed. This in turn helps increase the e-liquid capacity, as well as the puff count! With the Micro USB charger, you can charge this vaping device anytime you want, anywhere. 

  •     Adjustable airflow switch

The Hyde Edge also comes with an adjustable airflow, which individuals can alter depending upon their needs and preferences. With this adjustable airflow, vapers will benefit from a far less harsh throat hit and more flavorsome vapor. You can easily alter your desired airflow setting, without any hassle at all.

  •     600 mAh integrated battery

If we talk about the battery of the Hyde Edge rechargeable vape, it features a 600mAh integrated battery. This is an impressive battery, which will last you quite a long time so that you don’t have to worry about your vape dying in the middle of the day.

  •     Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

The Hyde Edge rechargeable vape also features a Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism. This means that this vape device will turn e-liquid into vapor as soon as you place the device in your mouth and inhale on the mouthpiece. This draw-activated rechargeable vape is the closest you can get to smoking your normal cigarettes!

  •     Pre-Filled 10ml E-liquid

This vape device by Hyde comes with pre-filled e-liquid, which is in 10mL capacity. This e-liquid amount will last you all day long, without you having to worry about finishing up the flavorsome e-juice in the middle of the day. Plus, because the vape comes already pre-filled with e-liquid, this means you don’t have to keep pouring the e-liquid yourself, and you can skip the messing re-filling stage, and just enjoy the vape. 

If we talk about the flavors offered in Hyde Edge vape, they include Pineapple Ice, Aloe Grape, Strawberry Banana, Strawberries & Cream, Spearmint, Sour Apple Ice, Peach Mango, Blue Razz Ice, Blue Razz, Banana Ice, Raspberry Watermelon, and many more.

  •     3300 Puff Count

The Hyde Edge vape offers around 3300 Puffs in a single vape device. This number is quite impressive and would last you as long as most rechargeable and disposable vapes do. 

  •     5% Nicotine

The Hyde Edge rechargeable vape comes with a 5% (50mg) Nicotine. This Nicotine concentrate is perfect for enjoying the same Nicotine hit that you get from smoking your ordinary tobacco cigarettes. 

Hyde Rebel

Let’s now talk about the Hyde Rebel vape.

The Hyde Rebel is one of the most advanced disposable vaping devices Hyde has to offer in the market. From smooth hit, convenient and sleek design, numerous thrilling flavors to choose from, and most importantly, Hyde’s biggest capacity vape to date, it definitely makes this vape a must-have.

Let’s take a look at how the Hyde Rebel is different from the Hyde Edge. 

  •     600 integrated mAh battery

The Hyde Rebel also comes with a 600 integrated built-in mAh battery, which is rechargeable with a Micro USB Charging Port. This battery performance is also outstanding, and will definitely keep the vape working for long hours before dying out. Plus, because this vape device is disposable, you can easily dispose it of when consumed to the fullest.


  •     4500 Puff count

As far as the puff count is concerned, the Hyde Rebel rechargeable vape offers 4500 puffs per vape device. This means this vape will last you 4500 puffs, so you don’t have to worry about the vape dying anytime soon. This number is quite high as compared to the Hyde Rebel vape’s 3300 puffs per device.

  •     5% Nicotine

The Hyde Rebel also offers 5% Nicotine like just Hyde Edge does, which is in 50mg. This salt-based Nicotine is the perfect amount for providing that Nicotine hit, just less harmful than your ordinary cigarettes are. 

  •     Pre-filled 10ml e-liquid

The Hyde Rebel disposable and rechargeable vape comes with pre-filled 10ml e-liquid. This e-liquid capacity is the same as being offered by Hyde Edge. Plus, because the e-liquid comes already pre-filled, you can easily start vaping without being required to fill the vape with e-juice first.

Plus, the Hyde Rebel comes in 16 different and exciting flavors, each of which will give you an entirely different vaping experience. Some of its flavors include Peach Lemon, Watermelon Ice Cream, Blue Razz Cloudz, Strawberry Kiwi, Fresh Vanilla, Guava, Lemon Ice Cream, Apricot Pear, and Blue Razz, Sour Apple Ice, and various more.

Summing it Up

If we talk about the differences between these two intuitive and advanced vaping devices by Hyde, both are quite similar.

The Hyde Rebel is quite similar to the Hyde Edge vape, as both vape devices by Hyde are disposable and rechargeable. Plus, comes in the same sleek and simple design, as well as offers the same Nicotine salt concentration (5% or 50mg).

The main difference lies in the puff count that each of these Hyde vapes has to offer. The Hyde Rebel rechargeable and disposable vape offer upto 3300 puffs, while the Hyde Edge vape offers upto 4500. This means the Hyde Edge will last you much longer than the Hyde Rebel would. Plus, the Hyde Rebel offers the biggest puff count yet, by the Hyde brand.

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