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What Measures Should Be Taken to Avoid Suicide?

After accidents, the leading cause of death for people between 10 to 34 years of age is suicide. As a matter of fact, suicide is a serious health issue. Men are more likely to kill themselves as compared to women. Having said all of this, the only positive with suicide is that it is preventable. If you recognize the warning signs and identify the risk factors, suicide can be avoided and lives will be saved.

Understanding Risk Factors of Suicide

Mental disorders and suicide have a huge connection. It is more common in people battling depression. People suffering from alcohol abuse also come under the risk category. However, the most potent risk factor is a previous attempt to commit suicide. This means that a person who has attempted to take his/ her life before will do the same again.

  • Risk factors are signs that show whether a person is more likely to consider, try or even die by committing suicide.
  • Warning signs show that there is instant peril of suicide. Suicide prevention programs Australia help to identify warning signs of suicide and ensure timely action is taken so that such a thing does not happen.
  • Protective factors are personality traits that make an individual less likely to consider, try or commit suicide

Below is a list of some risk factors for suicide. Few events as well as circumstances augment the risk of suicide. Stay wary of these risk factors and lives can be saved. SafeTALK  Training is a half-day training program where the participants are taught to identify as well as engage with persons that might be dealing with suicidal thoughts.

  • Previous attempts or attempts to end your life
  • A family history of someone taking their own life
  • Substance or alcohol misuse
  • Mood disorders such as depression, extreme anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc
  • Easy reach to lethal means, for instance, having firearms at home or place of work
  • Financial or personal losses
  • Loss in a relationship such as the death of a partner
  • Academic failures like failure to secure good grades or marks
  • Legal difficulties
  • Physical inabilities or disease
  • History of any kind of trauma in life or any type of abuse
  • Constant physical illness, such as chronic pain
  • Feeling of guilt due to anything
  • Exposure to the suicidal tendencies and thoughts of other people

In many cases, a current stressor or unexpected catastrophic event or failure can leave a person feeling anxious. They are not able to see any way out, and this can be a sure shot “tipping point” towards suicide.

Mentioned below are some steps that you can take to prevent suicide:

  1. Reach Out To People– If there is someone near you whom you are worried about you must reach out to them. When you ask someone they might open up and this will reduce their chances of committing suicide. Now these people can be someone you are working with, a friend or a neighbor, or even your family member
  2. Reduce reach to lethal tools for people at risk – If people who are prone to committing suicide have easy access to lethal tools, the chances that they will use these tools to end their life are more. There should not be easy availability of firearms to people in general and especially to risk groups. For instance, if a person has a family history of suicide he/ she should not be allowed to have possession of firearms or guns.
  3. Be there with Your Family– Loneliness is the biggest cause of suicide. When a person is battling a disease or a rough patch in life, it is easy to lose hope. However, if you have your near and dear ones supporting you will come out of it without any hassle. Never stay out of touch or distant from your family members. Sometimes when you quarrel with one another it can lead to mental stress and tension and in a fit of rage a person might commit suicide.
  4. Help them connect with ongoing support- There are several suicide prevention and support groups which help people to stay on track. Regular counseling is done so that you understand the value and significance of human life. Sometimes it is these life-changing thoughts that help you connect with the positive side of life. You understand that any sour incident is not good enough to propel you to end your life. A lot of people battle issues such as the death of a loved one, disease, loss of job, discrimination, etc. But with ongoing support groups, you can tide over bad circumstances.
  5. Stay connected- Another way how you can prevent suicide is by being connected. Stay in close proximity with a group that helps people with suicidal thoughts. When you sense suicide warning signs to take action without any delay. Help people by talking to them. Staying connected can help a long way.

So, these are some steps that you can take to avoid suicide. Life is very precious and if with some small measure sit can be saved, you must go out of the way to ensure such a thing. No reason should be right or strong enough to make someone take their life.

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