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What do you need to know about a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications?

The expansion of computers and information technology has captured the world today. Do you observe any industry working without computers or any sector of the economy is devoid of information technology? From agricultural land monitoring to designing arms for the defense sector you will see that professionals manage everything with the use of computers.

From the field of medicine to the area of banking, there is nothing where the use of computers is not available. Looking at the lucrative career choices after completing the course in Computer Application, many students every year apply for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Owing to the popularity of the subject many colleges offer programs for BCA in Dehradun.

Who is the perfect match for a BCA program?

There is nothing set in stone to decide, apart from the qualifications required or eligibility criteria set by colleges, who can make the right match for a BCA program. If you find the Science of computers easy and mathematics fun for you then this subject will totally suit your aptitude. However, if you had trouble solving mathematical problems, but still enjoyed working on computers then you can still make BCA your choice.

All you require is to develop quantitative aptitude that will boost your analytical skills that are great to understand computing problems. Students from the streams of Arts, Science, and Commerce are eligible to apply to the course. An aptitude for reasoning or mental analysis aids in studying BCA. When you are applying to a Dehradun BCA College, you will see that the college demands completion of 10+2 from a recognized board, but some may demand Mathematics as an essential subject for taking admission.

What are the pros of taking admission to BCA?

To pursue the discipline of information technology or computers. You can pursue a Bachelor of Technology as well with the desired specialization. However, studying at B Tech demands candidates from the streams of Science specifically. It is due to the mandate of pursuing the subject professionally. But this is not the case with Computer Applications. To apply to BCA, you can be from the disciplines of Science, Arts, or Commerce. Thus, BCA offers students of diverse streams to apply for study in the stream of Computers as well as IT. However, some institutions of BCA in Dehradun can ask for the qualification of mathematics for admission. Thus, you can be a part of the IT industry without the need of being a Science student at the high school level.

Job Placements After BCA

Apart from these, the job options are exhaustive for the students who have finished Computer Applications. By applying to colleges of repute, you can get chances for on-campus job placements. Some colleges also offer options for exchange programs while there are many renowned institutions that collaborate with business giants of the industry to help the students get advanced level training at university. Thus, a student is prepared on all levels to enter the industry of Information Technology. Therefore, studying computer applications is advantageous as it does not restrict the extent to a specific discipline.

Also, the ex-students of Master of Computer Applications suggest students from B Tech, as well as BCA. Pursue MCA after getting a little work experience in the field. It would help in maximizing your career benefits. For higher education, you can also consider studying Master of Business Administration. But, the course is more specific to those who are willing to change their field to get higher job positions. This option, also, helps in applying the collective acumen of both industries for the betterment of an organization along with the growth of the scholar.


Thus, there are many advantages of studying Computer Applications for the students including amazing jobs, higher education, and the opportunities of studying abroad. You will get good options to study BCA in Dehradun. Studying at a Dehradun BCA College has many benefits including an ultra-modern campus and facilities. Along with an experienced faculty from the industry keeping, you are updated with changing trends of the industry.

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