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The significance of installing grow room wall panels to stop moisture damage

An indoor grow room is a facility designed for environmentally controlled cultivation. The grow rooms need to control moisture, temperature, odor, and light fixtures and ensure proper ventilation. Cannabis plantations are popular in the USA as people convert old garages, basements, and unused rooms into commercial grow rooms. The grow room has 70% humidity to support plant growth, but excess moisture can damage the cannabis grow room walls. Consider installing grow room wall panels to counteract the moisture inside the facility. The PVC wall panels are a better alternative to FRP, and here are a few reasons to support the point.

PVC panels are durable and water resistant 

The grow room wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are durable, lasting for 45 to 50 years with minimal upkeep. The PVC panels are waterproof, and the non-porous surface does not allow moisture seepage. The vinyl panels have no backers, and the airtight installation ensures durability and strength. The PVC panels are ½ inch thick and are directly installed with the help of studs and fasteners. The vinyl panels manufactured with truss core technology are impact resistant, sturdy, and recyclable. The PVC panels get recycled 7x times and have a long lifespan of 140 years.

The FRP panels have wooden backers and absorb moisture. The FRP wall material is highly vulnerable to callbacks as they need regular repainting, repairing, and refinishing touches. FRP panels are not recyclable and need to get replaced very often. The FRP wallboard isn’t great enough to cover the cannabis grow room walls. Consider installing PVC panels to ensure 100% water resistance.

PVC panels are low maintenance 

The PVC wall panels never rot, rust, warp, or get damaged.  The vinyl panels do not need professional maintenance for the upkeep. You can wipe the panels with a damp mop or wash them with a pressure washer. The PVC panels are white and bright and do not stain, fade or attract dirt or debris. The PVC panels have no crevices or fissures that can harbor filth. Occasional maintenance of PVC wall material is enough for the upkeep, and regular cleaning isn’t mandatory.

The FRP panels require heavy-duty professional upkeep to ensure the longevity of the wall material. The FRP panels have a rough surface that stains easily and is difficult to clean. The delicate FRP panels need expert care that gets expensive with time. Consider investing in a low-maintenance PVC wall panel that lasts long and requires minimal upkeep.

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Author Bio – Anne Lawrence was looking for growing room wall panels. She came across Duramax and ordered customized PVC panels for her cannabis grow room walls and ceilings. She was highly impressed with the on-time delivery and highly recommends Duramax PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels. Book a free consultation today. Duramax also offers a free PVC sample.  


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