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What are the Top Must-Have Skills for Data Analysts?

Data Analytics is a vast field that allows a person to take up different roles in an organization. You can work either as a data analyst or as a data scientist. You have ample opportunities after completing your certification. But to have a promising career in this domain, you need to have a specific skillset. You can learn these skills anywhere, but you have to indulge in regular Data Analytics Online Training in Saudi Arabia. Such training will help you get your basics strong and assist you with high-paid jobs. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled the must-have skills for data analytics.

Essential Skills for Data Analysts

For a successful career as a data analyst, you need to master a few data analysis skills. These skills are as follows:

  • SQL (Structured Query Language)

It is a database programming language used to extract, organize, and manage large datasets stored in relational databases. SQL knowledge can help you add, delete, update, and collect data from any database. However, you cannot conduct any significant analysis without SQL. Thus, it is necessary to integrate SQL with data analysis for effective results. Moreover, employers usually prefer this skill in data analysts because it allows them to perform analytical functions and transform data structures.

  • Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most well-known data-processing applications. Apart from providing quick analytics, it provides a simple way to store data. Thus, many businesses prefer to store and analyze data in Excel. However, employers prefer analysts with advanced Excel knowledge because it allows them to manipulate and visualize data to gain profitable insights.

  • Mathematical Skills

Data analysts are required to quantify and process large amounts of data. As a result, they should have strong mathematical skills. Furthermore, advanced mathematics knowledge can help you understand numbers and how to manipulate and combine them to support your analysis.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence and is significant for data analysts. It focuses on creating algorithms specifically designed to detect trends and patterns in a data set. However, with time the algorithm improves its pattern detection accuracy. Also, data analysts can use machine learning to create analytical models. Furthermore, many organizations that use highly specialized machines to analyze data prefer to hire skilled professionals with the knowledge of machine learning. As AI is a growing field, data analysts with machine learning skills are extremely valuable.

  • Critical Thinking

While performing data analysis, you must determine a hypothesis to arrive at logical solutions. However, it is crucial to understand what data to collect and how to process it. However, excellent critical thinking skills enable you to understand the type of data to collect, identify the relationship between distinct data points, and use that information to create intelligent business solutions.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Many businesses hire data analysts to interpret and analyze data to solve or prevent problems. On the basis of the data you collected, good problem-solving skills can help you identify current and potential issues and determine a viable solution. Moreover, dependability and decision-making are two problem-solving skills that any data analyst should possess. Employers place a high value on employees who can identify and implement solutions quickly.


Data analysis is a profession that is growing in popularity as technology advances. The more businesses, corporations, and organizations rely on automated solutions, the greater the demand for data analysts. If you have the skills listed above, you can have a successful career in data analytics. Thus, to gain these skills and have a hands-on experience with the framework, it is advised to go for a Data Analytics Online Course in Qatar.

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