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What Are The Key Features To Have in a Taxi Booking App?

In today’s growing tech world, everything from online food delivery to taxi booking via smartphone applications is available at the user’s doorstep. As technology advances and more individuals have access to the internet, these mobile apps are being used increasingly. People choose services that need less engagement and are entirely accessible through their mobile devices.Taxi booking applications are widely available in app stores, making commuting much easier than before. The ease and convenience that ridesharing and taxi-hailing apps provide for customers is increasing the popularity of taxi booking app. There are many taxi booking apps available on app stores these days, and there is always a need for new and improved ones.

If you are planning to build an on-demand taxi booking app or thinking of upgrading your existing taxi booking app, keep reading. In this article, we are highlighting the essential features of a taxi booking app. The features that are a must-have for making your on-demand taxi app famous in the market.

Key Features of a Taxi Booking App

1. User Guide

A user should be given with a well-defined user guide upon initially running the application. The guide should go over every step of the cab booking process, making it simple for novice users to grasp the app’s capabilities and actions. Don’t forget to include a UX-rich user guide while developing a cab booking mobile application or website.

2. Effortless Signup Process

Keep everything straightforward and user-friendly in your application’s design architecture. The sign-up page should follow suit. The signup/registration process should be as simple as possible, requiring only the most essential data such as contact number, name, email, password, etc. You should also link the sign-up process with social network profiles. This saves users a lot of time because they don’t have to enter all of their information over and over again.

3. Multilingual Assistance

This feature allows people from different countries to book cabs without having to communicate with people or ask someone to arrange a taxi for them. For tourists, this is the greatest option.

4. Ride Booking/Scheduling

Scheduling or booking a ride is a key feature for online taxi booking app development. This feature enables users to easily pick a ride for themselves. It allows travelers to schedule their rides ahead of time. Passengers frequently prefer to arrange their ride ahead of time to ensure that their cab will arrive on time.

5. Location Saving Functionality

Users should be able to pick and save their favorite spots to make them more accessible. This is especially handy when a user needs a ride to or from a specific area frequently. App usability is enhanced by features connected to regularly visited destinations and routes, which make cab booking simple for riders.

6. Select Vehicle and Trip Type

The ‘select vehicle and trip type’ feature is the next critical component of taxi booking app development companies. The passenger has the option of selecting his or her preferred car. Furthermore, few passengers like to go with the same driver with whom they had a positive experience, thus enabling the option of a preferred driver in the taxi booking app.

7. Ride Details

This feature enables users to see the current location of the cab and the predicted arrival time once the booking is completed. They may also access information such as the driver’s name, color and make of the car, cab’s registration number, driver’s contact information, and so on.

Users can also cancel their cab reservations before the driver arrives at the designated pickup location. If there are any inevitable changes to the consumers’ plan, this option might be used.

8. Fare Accuracy

You must ensure that customers are provided with all pertinent information on fare rates in advance. The “Ride Estimate” option, which is available to users, displays all relevant information about the projected travel time and cost. Giving a clear understanding of the fare and pricing might help your taxi dispatch system earn more audience.

9. Phone Number Masking

This feature hides the user’s phone numbers and anonymizes communication between driver and customer. Users communicate using a third (‘proxy’) phone number that transmits a call to the driver rather than dialing directly from one phone to another.

10. Loyalty Program

Offer your drivers and passengers loyalty programs such as offers, discounts, vouchers, and so on to give them an extra push. This feature entices customers to utilize the on-demand taxi app more frequently.

11. Real-time Analytics

This feature allows app owners to see how many cabs are available and where they are located. This allows them to see how well their app is functioning and how many people are using it at any given time because they can see who is making reservations through it.

12. Driver Payment Automation

This feature allows users to link their bank account or digital wallet directly to the app, allowing all deductions to be made immediately from their accounts. This saves them time and eliminates the need for them to carry cash or wallets.

13. Multiple Payment Options

Enable users to pay through cards, online banking, mobile wallets, and also by cash if they want. Integrate in-app payments to allow customers to pay directly through the in-app payment gateway using their preferred payment method.

14. Push Notifications

This function will immediately notify the user after he makes the booking, and he will be alarmed when his cab arrives at the destination. These push notifications are also used when the user needs to be notified of any new deals or discounts made available by the taxi booking software.

15. Cab Sharing

Cab sharing service has recently gained popularity among metropolitan visitors. This allows them to save money by splitting the total fee with other customers. This new cab sharing feature must be integrated into the Driver App so that the driver is notified whether or not his cab has been booked for sharing. He must receive notification of all passengers’ pick-up and drop-off locations through the app.

16. In-App Chat & Call

Allowing the driver and passenger to have an in-app chat and call when scheduling the ride is a unique and necessary feature. It will assist the driver in informing the passenger of his or her arrival or in locating the passenger’s location.

17. Emergency Button

You must include an emergency button in the app that sends the ride data as well as the current position to a specific contact in case of an emergency. This is an extremely important security feature that can increase user confidence.

Bottom Line

Incorporating the aforementioned features into your taxi booking app development will provide significant assistance in establishing your taxi booking app as a reputable and profitable one.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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