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Where Can I Order Custom Soap Boxes Canada

Why iCustom boxes, not others for custom soap boxes in Canada?

iCustom Boxes is a well-known reputed packaging company in Canada. We have worked with many Canadian soap and detergent manufacturers.  Still, they are our regular customers and have been taking Custom soap boxes in Canada us for many years. It proves we are the super master of packaging and have won their heart with our best services. You will always find us loyal, honest, and friendly, which every organization expects from its partner. The more we give in customer service,

  • Quick turnaround
  • Friendly advice
  • Free shipment in Canada
  • Free 3D samples
  • Secure payment
  • Eco-friendly material
  • 110% Security
  • Free 3D samples
  • Economical rates
  • Flat discount on end-season

Custom soap boxes Wholesale Canada:

We are offering custom soap boxes wholesale Canada. We aim to help you stand out at affordable rates. Also, soap is a daily basis need.  The daily ordering and waiting are very hectic for regular businesses. It not only wastes your time but also affects their businesses. You can set it free for a month after ordering custom soap boxes in bulk for us for a whole month. Let us be precise buying in bulk at a time does not mean you are paying a massive amount at the exact time. If you buy custom soap boxes from us, it means buying bulk at the lowest price for a whole month. We offer an extra discount on custom soap boxes at the end-season sale. It will end before the new year. So, don’t waste time; enjoy attractive rates, and beat the haters with custom packaging.

Essential Durable material for soap packaging:

The soap comprises sodium hydroxide, essential oils, potassium hydroxide, and germs-killing detergents. Also, it is delicate, just like candle wax. Also, it dissolves rapidly due to moisture and water. The heat and UV rays affect the inner chemical quality and can be unshaped due to melting. Due to these concerns, you need intense and durable packaging which resists all these factors. And make secure and reliable packaging. We understand all these problems and offer you a durable and economical material. We have paperboard, kraft, and corrugated materials, which can be recycled and used again.

Key points:

  1. Economical
  2. Resists UV rays and moisture
  3. Protects the soap from bending
  4. Keeps it fresh inside the custom box
  5. Secures shipment
  6. 100% nature friendly
  7. Secures transportation
  8. Flexible and lightweight

Sparkling Moisture-resistant lamination:

We aimed to provide invincible durable packaging to our customers. Therefore, we try all possible ways to provide you with luxurious packaging at low rates.  We do laminations to increasecustom soap boxes’ durability. We use semi-gloss lamination or aqueous coatings for the soap packaging. Both laminations resist water to shield the box and protect soap from dissolving due to moisture. More, they protect the upper surface from scratches and fingerprints. Also provides a glossy and smooth surface. The main difference is that we stick a sheet on the paperboard surface in gloss lamination. But in the aqueous coating, we apply water-based coating on the box surface.

A detailed description of the custom soap boxes:

We write a detailed description on the soap box surface. Some people are allergic to chemicals and soap flavors. You can help them by writing the main ingredients or their quantity. If you manufacture beauty soap, you can satisfy and help people by understanding the benefits of using your healthy soap.  You can also write down precautions, QR codes, expiry dates, etc. We customize it with printed designs to look more attractive and eye-catchy for the buyers.

Rigid Custom soap box style: We adjust it with the shape and weight of the soap.

You can choose any box style for soap packaging. We adjust it with an accurate shape and according to the weight of the soap. More modify these styles with versatile designs for our collection. We use colorful PMS and CMYK color schemes which give a 3D effect to the designs. More you can customize die-cut windows. If you want to examine free of our recent projects, visit our website www.iCustomboxes.com. You can check our elegantly designed custom sleeve and tray marijuana soap boxes as an idea. Also, custom CBD tucks front box with colorful leaves designs. Add custom cardboard inserts for more protection and a sophisticated packaging impression. You can introduce fragrant soap inside Custom boxes Canada with custom butter wraps. Also, you can choose our alluring add-ons for premium brand worth.

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