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What are the types of ERP software available in the market?

Enterprise resource planning is the full form of enterprise resource planning and a tool that simplifies it is called ERP software. It is a perfect tool for business owners to optimize their work processes and simplify the workflow. Every business has a different work process and needs different tools to streamline its work.   

There are various ERP vendors in the market that deliver different features in their systems. The best ERP software in India will help to track your resources. And use them efficiently; to make the most out of them.  In this blog, let us dive deep into what different types of ERP software solutions are available in India for every business. 

Different types of ERP software in India:  

 Depending on the features, characteristics, and tools of the enterprise resource planning software there are various types of systems available. Following are the 4 types of enterprise resource planning software solutions available in India.   

Generalist ERP:  

There are many traditional and cloud-based enterprise resource planning vendors. That can be categorized as generalist ERP solutions. It is an ERP software in India that can adapt to any business process with ease. Generalist enterprise resource planning solutions have advanced integration and customization capabilities. As a result, the system can be personalized as per your business requirement and can integrate with third-party applications. The majority of the enterprise resource planning software vendors in India fall under this category. You can explore an entire list of all the generalist ERP software in India on Technology Counter.    

Opensource ERP:  

Opensource enterprise resource planning is the smallest bit of the enterprise resource planning market in India. Opensource ERP vendors will help businesses with in-house IT teams’ liberty to develop or integrate other tools into the ERP system. Opensource ERP is a perfect tool for developers. Because it can customize the solution as per their business process. As a result, this type of enterprise resource planning solution will help to enhance usability and user adoption. There is an extensive list of all the open-source enterprise resource planning vendors in India on Technology Counter.  

Vertical ERP:  

Vertical enterprise resource planning software is a tool that caters to vertical-specific features to help their work process. It is a robust tool for all the business owners that want to focus their efforts on. For instance, the vertical ERP solutions in India will help businesses to focus on niches like construction, retail, or fashion. Business owners can understand their needs and explore relevant software that satisfies their needs. There are dedicated software experts at Technology Counter. To help you find the right enterprise resource planning tools for your business.  

Small business ERP:  

Many vendors in India deliver off-the-shelf or on-premises enterprise resource planning solutions that small business owners can use for their organizations. These enterprise resource planning solutions will have all the generic features. That help small business owners to optimize their business processes to achieve business goals. The ERP software for small business vendors does not include all the features. In the system to increase the invoice amount. The small business owners can select the required features and opt out of the rest. There are many software-recommendation platforms like Technology counter. That has the list of all the ERP vendors in India.   

Industry-specific ERP:  

Industry-specific enterprise resource planning software solutions are systems. They are made from scratch to adapt to your industry requirements. It is a robust tool for all the big corporations or industries. Who wants a solution that adapts to their business process with ease. Because every large-scaled business will have a unique workflow to execute their operations. Multiple enterprise resource planning vendors in India cater to various industries specific solutions. For instance, the industry-specific enterprise resource planning solutions cater to. Industries like manufacturing, finance, and logistics. The business leaders can explore all the ERP vendors. On Technology Counter that delivers a solution that suits their industry needs.  

SaaS ERP:  

The traditional enterprise resource planning systems are expensive. Because they need maintenance and huge IT infrastructure. Many business owners do not have a huge budget to invest in huge IT infrastructure and teams. Software as service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning vendors is the best solution for such business owners. enterprise resource planning SaaS vendors take care of the maintenance and up-gradation of the system. As a result, business owners can save a huge amount of money. Because they do not have to invest in huge upfront costs in IT teams and infrastructure. Moreover, Technology Counter is the best software recommendation platform. Because That helps to select the right SaaS ERP for your business.  


The enterprise resource planning software is a robust tool for business owners to track their work processes. Various enterprise resource planning vendors in India deliver various types of solutions. For businesses to make the most out of their resources. However, All business owners need to understand their needs before they select an ERP software for their organization. Additionally, Technology counter has a passionate and knowledgeable software experts team. That helps the business leaders to choose the right enterprise resource planning tools based on their needs and budget. 

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