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Top WordPress Web Development Trends For 2022

WordPress Web Development Trends

From a simple CMS platform for small business websites and blogs to powering large organizations, WordPress has come a long way.

This simple CMS platform now empowers more than 42% of websites on the Internet. And, this number is, in fact, growing as days and years pass.

If you are a web developer or a business owner, WordPress would be a great option for your web development services.

When you choose WordPress as your website platform, you may want to adopt the latest development for your website development.

So, here are the top WordPress web development trends you can look after in 2022. Read this article to the last to know all the latest WordPress trends of 2022.

Voice Search

Voice search has become an increasingly popular searching method in the last few years, thanks to various voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google.

It enables users to search their queries through verbal commands rather than typing in the search box of browsers.

By implementing voice search plugins in your website, you can offer your users a convenient option to search your products and services.

With voice search feature implementation, you also want to optimize your website for voice search optimization.

Using keywords that relate to how users speak rather than including keywords they type and writing content in a question-based format can give you more effective results in voice search.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the prevalent advanced technologies changing how people shop online. AR offers the real-life experience of the product to potential buyers and helps buyers make better decisions.

From paint stores to furniture businesses and home decor sellers to apparel stores, everyone is implementing this technology into their site to give their customers a more functional look at the products.

Users can interact with AR seamlessly by uploading photos or viewing live through video and know how the product they want to buy would look on themself or in their home.

Drag and Drop Design

Experts believe that drag and drop design features will continue to be on the list of top WordPress web development trends in 2022 also.

While professionally designed and customized websites are beatable, the drag and drop feature appeals to DIY business owners and novice bloggers who do not want to spend money on web designing.

With Wordpress’s drag and drop feature, you can design your own website without any hassle.

But sometimes, you can not do the exact thing that experts can do, so when you hire a remote developer, they can design and develop your website more effectively.

Chatbot Implementation

A chatbot is an exceptional tool to handle your website visitor’s inquiries and help them with the data they need.

Many organizations are offering great client support through chatbots. And users now are slowly expecting to experience similar encounters with the other websites they visit.

As the technology is advancing and more and more internet users are growing, implementing a chatbot into your website would be a great idea. 

Fortunately, WordPress web development offers you to incorporate this feature into your site with just a few steps. You just have to take some objective you want from your chatbot into consideration and build it according to them.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

AI is currently the foundation of many businesses. And as the technology progresses, it is predicted to cover every industry and vertical of businesses.

WordPress is actively and progressively focused on offering AI administrations and benefits to its users through WooCommerce Module.

So, it is good news for eCommerce businesses, as with the help of WordPress, they can now deal with the installments, advance truck surrender, measure orders, oversee dispatching, screen finance, and do more with the help of AI.

Wrapping Up

Despite the technological advancement, WordPress is still a favorite CMS platform for small businesses and bloggers. And as many popular brands like Disney also employed WordPress for their website services, it gained the new authority.

SO, if you are a business owner who wants to scale your business to a new digital market, WordPress would be a great platform for you.

And knowing these latest top WordPress web development trends will help you stay relevant to technological advancement and ahead of your competition.

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