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Top 8 Motives to Invest in Real Estate in Dubai

Why Invest in Real Estate in Dubai?

Numerous professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market have acknowledged its clear comeback. Yes, there was a noticeable increase in residential sales throughout the months of June, July, and August in 2019. According to Khaleej Times, residential real estate transactions in Dubai are at an all-time high. Both the quantity and the value of real estate assets attest to the comeback. According to the most recent statistics, there has been a 33.46 per cent gain since last year. According to statistics acquired by Data Finder, there were around 6618 residential deals in Dubai in 2018. And this year, there were 8,833 trades total. There are other advantages to investing in Dubai real estate in addition to these. Contact TVG Management Consultancy can give you advice on the best course of action in the real estate industry for obtaining a real estate licence in Dubai.

A rise in the value of the real estate

Experts have also pointed to Dubai World Expo 2020 as having a significant impact on the current resurgence of Dubai real estate.

In terms of real estate value, the second half of 2018 saw transactions of AED 12.58 billion. 2019 transactions totalled AED14.94 billion, an increase of AED2 billion or more.

The countdown to the Dubai World Expo 2020 is planned to begin in October 2019. The six-month mega-event is scheduled to begin in October of next year. And the most recent figures show hope.

The consensus among real estate professionals in Dubai is that the market has shifted in the buyer’s favour. The administration deserves praise for taking prompt, proactive action in relation to pricing regulation.

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8 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in Dubai

The top 8 reasons to invest in Dubai real estate are listed below.

1. Innovation Scope

Dubai is an innovative hub that is well-equipped and has a flourishing, developed infrastructure. Recently, Dubai has seen an increase in the number of tech-related specialists arriving from around the world. A report on the licences issued in the month of June 2019 was released by the Department of Economic Development and is fascinating to read. A professional licence made up 58% of the total number of licences.

2. A diverse, expanding economy

Dubai’s economy is varied. Dubai generates income from a variety of industries, including logistics, tourism, retail, and wholesale, in addition to conventional oil and natural gas. The general development of Dubai would be greatly aided by tourism and the Dubai Expo 2020.

3. Diversity in society

Expats from all over the world prosper and settle in Dubai, which is known as an ex-pat haven. Therefore, as the population grows, so does the demand for real estate and flats for rent. The demand for real estate increases as the influx increases.

4. Low rates of crime

Thanks to the stringent security and safety norms and regulations. Dubai’s low crime rate and stable living circumstances may be seen in the eagerness of foreign investors and job seekers to relocate there.

5. Exemption from property taxes

Taxes on the real estate do not apply to investors. And this is a solid justification for purchasing real estate in Dubai.

6. Expo 2020 in Dubai

The six-month-long, global mega event will begin in October 2020. 25 million people are anticipated at the Dubai Expo, of which 70% are expected to be from outside the country. According to EY, the event is expected to generate roughly 1.5% of the UAE’s yearly GDP. Many foreign companies would participate in the event. Additionally, there are several needs for both residential and office space.

7. A variety of housing alternatives

The possibilities available to real estate investors are numerous. Depending on their needs, investors can purchase either a commercial or residential property.

8. No-hassle Visa

If you adhere to the suggested criteria and steps, getting your visa documents approved will be simple. It is possible to approve investor visas, residency visas, and other types of visas quickly.

These are the eight advantages of buying real estate in Dubai. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any real estate proposals. Our company set up experts in Dubai who have the knowledge and resources necessary to assist you, whether you need a question answered, some advice, or legal counsel.

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