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Refresh yourself and experience a good mood with the best tea flavours

Are you a tea devotee? Do you love to explore different flavours of tea? Does tea make you happy and lifts your mood instantly? Try different varieties and blends of tea and satisfy your taste buds. Many people started their businesses with this refreshing beverage as many individuals began exploring different tea flavours and varieties. Tea businesses like the Bobo tea business introduced unique tea flavours to try out new flavours.

Know about the different flavours and varieties

Although there are different tea varieties, people cultivate tea from a single plant, Camellia Sinensis. They mix many flavours and blends to obtain different tastes and benefits.

The main types of tea include:

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Oolong tea
  • White tea
  • Purple tea

According to the cultivation, processing, and manufacturing methods, each tea differs in its taste and nutritional benefits. The different processing methods include steaming, wetting, open firing, and pan firing. Black tea leaves are hand-framed into firm balls, while some tea leaves undergo the process of trimming or are left to air-dry in their regular shape.

Few tea varieties are harvested in the main long stretches of the spring season, while others get collected in the mid-year and autumn season.

Black tea

Black tea is a completely oxidised tea, which obtains its blackish-brown colour due to oxidation. It undergoes the process of crushing, tearing, and rolling after cultivation and harvesting. People love to have black tea with their breakfast, and some relish it with cookies during the evening. Some love to have brunch, whereas some love to have it with their bread toasts. In all ways, it feels refreshing and soothing to consume.

Green tea

Green tea immediately undergoes the process of steaming right after cultivation. It is an unoxidised tea and has the highest nutritional benefits. 

Green tea aids in the effective loss of weight and burns out the stubborn calories in your body. It has a vegan taste and obtains its fresh green colour as it does not get oxidised. It is high in theanine and chlorophyll, which retains the nutritional qualities of tea. Having it on an empty stomach in the early morning keeps you fresh and healthy throughout the day.

White tea

White tea gets negligibly handled before getting dehydrated and curled. At times, with silver tea, white tea is gathered from the absolute foremost tips, tea plant leaves, before they open to frame full flowers. 

Other tea varieties get reaped after the leaves spread out and develop, similar to white tea plants. They undergo less amount of oxidation and retain their nutritional qualities and benefits.

Spice and herbs infused tea

With the development in the food and beverage industries, tea business handlers introduced different tea flavours. Some of them include Berry tea, rose tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea, pepper tea, mint tea, hibiscus tea, lemon tea, blackcurrant tea, vanilla tea, dark chocolate tea, orange tea, caramel tea, citrus tea, cherry tea, Ceylon tea, mango tea, lemongrass tea, apple tea, iced tea, pear tea, herbal tea, lime tea, citron tea, papaya tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, raspberry tea, plum tea and many other refreshing tea varieties.

You can choose to explore different varieties and flavours of tea from a Bobo tea business for various occasions. If you are a tea lover, these blends make you feel refreshed and excited with a single sip and different flavours. Enjoy the mixed tea varieties and lead a healthy and refreshing life.

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