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Popular Manufacturers Of Hunting Knives

Hunting knives of various shapes and sizes are made by hundreds of companies. Many of these brands are well known not only in the United States but also in the world. They produce high-quality products with sharp blades that serve their owner for a long time.

Top manufacturers: 

  1. Damascus1
  2. United Knight.
  3. Cold Steel.

Classic models 

This category contains the most popular classic hunting knives. All of them are versatile, as they are suitable for any job. A wide range of applications makes such knives popular in other areas of activity (fishing, mushroom picking, hiking, etc.).

1. Damascus Hunting Knives

This classic Damascus Hunting knives is the leader of its category. It successfully combines high quality and affordable price. This model belongs to the fixed type. It has a Main-point blade, which is characterized by a smooth transition from the top edge to the point. The product is made of high-quality Damascus 12C27 stainless steel. This material has optimal hardness, durability, and moisture resistance. Among other positive aspects, it is worth noting the presence of a comfortable wooden handle and a sheath made of genuine leather, which simplifies the process of transporting the knife and makes it safe to carry in your pocket.


  • Quality manufacturing 
  • Comfortable wooden handle 
  • moisture resistance
  • Long service life 
  • Includes genuine leather case


  • Not detected

2. United Knight.

This knife from the domestic company United Knight is ideal for beginners and experienced hunters. It belongs to the classic type, which provides for the presence of a fixed blade with a straight sharpening. This model is made of high carbon stainless steel 40×13. This material tolerates even prolonged contact with water, which eliminates the possibility of corrosion. The knife has a compact size and lightweight. Thanks to this, it is convenient to carry it in the pocket of a hunting jacket or hang it on a belt. Also, buyers speak positively about the appearance of the product and the quality of the included nylon case.


  • low-cost 
  • quality material 
  • compactness 
  • lightweight 
  • Case included 
  • Attractive appearance


  • Not the highest quality handle

3. Cold Steel Finn Bear

This relatively inexpensive classic knife will become a real helper for any hunter. It is small and weighs less than 80 grams. Thanks to these qualities, the blade fits easily in a pocket and does not create discomfort even when worn for a long time. Finn Bear is made of high carbon stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV 15). This material has a good ratio of hardness and strength, so it is perfect for the production of knives.

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The handle of the product is made of polypropylene, which is easy to care for and has a long service life. It lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip even from wet palms. A bonus for buyers will be the presence of a plastic case for safer storage and transportation of the knife.


  • low-cost 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Quality manufacturing 
  • Comfortable handle 
  • Long service life


  • Not identified

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