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OINP Points Calculator for Canada PR Visa

Ontario, the second largest province in Canada, ornamente with serene landscapes and beautiful lakes. It boasts of a vibrant and expanding economy making it an exciting destination for Indian nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada permanently.

The Government of Ontario established the OINP – Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program to manage the thousands of immigration applications received annually. The objective is to ensure the selection of the most deserving and promising candidates for its Provincial Nomination. Those who receive the nomination can then apply for a Canada PR Visa.  

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program consists of an enhanced immigration stream. It permits the province to seek skilled immigrants having the necessary skills in the Express Entry pool. This immigration pathway is the Human Capital Priorities stream. Candidates in the Express Entry pool can apply for a nomination from Ontario through the HCP stream via OINP.

Candidates seeking to qualify for the HCP stream under OINP have to first secure 67 points under the OINP Points Calculator. They can create a profile in Express Entry after obtaining the required points. After this, they are enter into the pool of candidates and have to compete with them for obtaining an Invitation to Apply.

How to immigrate to Ontario from India?

The Express Entry Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream is the most renowned stream for potential immigrants from India. It is a unique stream as it observes the scores of the candidates in the federal Express Entry pool. This is under the streams FSWP – Federal Skilled Workers Program and CEC – Canada Experience Class. The eligibility and CRS score is determined as per the OINP Points Calculator.

The HCP category identifies candidates in the Express Entry pool who:

  •         Possess the appropriate skills and education for settling in Ontario productively
  •         Fulfill the least CRS score which is 400 points
  •         Fulfill all the eligibility requirements for the HCP stream

It evaluates profiles of candidates depending on factors such as job offer in Ontario, transferability of skills, common-law-partner or spouse details, work experience, education, etc.

Candidates seeking to obtain a nomination from OINP have to first secure a 400 CRS score. They must also fulfill eligibility requirements matching the current skill labor criteria. Such candidates are offered the NOI – Notification of Interest which is an Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR Visa under OINP. The application has to be filed within 45 days of receiving the NOI.

You must note here that NOI does not assure your selection or eligibility. It is advisable that you consult ICCRC accredited Immigration Consultants for the best guidance on immigrating to Ontario.

Occupation in demand in Canada

If you plan to shift careers or lost your job in the pandemic, you would like to know the precise Occupation in demand in Canada. The job market was essentially transformed overnight due to the pandemic that impacted all industries variously. From Manufacturing to Production and Technology, the Canadian job market has radically changed in the last 2 years.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, specific occupations have huge demand in Canada now. These include workers in Customer Service, Essential Retail, IT, and Warehouses and the demand outpaces the supply. Occupations in Healthcare, IT, and E-commerce are essential for recovery and growth after the pandemic.

  •         Customer Service Representatives
  •         Delivery Drivers
  •         Software Developer
  •         Security Analysis and Architects
  •         Essential Retail Clerks
  •         Procurement and Supply Chain Specialists
  •         Administrative Assistants
  •         IT Support and Help Desk
  •         Cleaners and Maintenance Workers
  •         Warehouse Workers

Minimum IELTS score for Canada PR

You will have to demonstrate your competency in language for obtaining the Canada PR Visa or any other Canada Visa. It is to prove your ability to communicate easily in French or English.

The least language proficiency of CLB 7 requires for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry. It implies at least 6 scores in every section of the IELTS.

The language proficiency requirement differs based on the particular immigration pathway. The skills in language evaluate through 4 sub-sections: Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading. The allocation of points is as per the Canadian Language Benchmark – CLB Level.

The IELTS score requirement varies for Canada Work Visa based on the occupation involved. For instance, at least a score of 7 in every IELTS section require for the occupation of a Lawyer. The occupation of Nurse requires at least a score of overall 6.5 and 7 in Speaking.

You can avail of immigration support and services of ICCRC accredited Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas. They will assist you in determining your eligibility for the OINP immigration streams. You can also obtain an estimation of your likely CRS score under Express Entry with our OINP Points Calculator.

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