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Montblanc fake Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph – Classic and Beautiful

Although Montblanc has not been making fake watches for a long time, it has continuously launched a number of series and new products, of which the Nicolas Rieussec series is the most unconventional and unique. The watch introduced this time is a stainless steel hollowed-out dual time zone display chronograph in the Nicholas Caesar series. Although it is not as precious and luxurious as the main rose gold watch in the series, it has its own kind of classical elegance. The official model: is 107068.

In 2011, Montblanc released the Nicolas Rieussec Anniversary Collection to mark the 190th anniversary of the advent of modern timing technology and to pay tribute to Nicolas Rieussec, the father of modern timing technology. Nicolas Keith was a watchmaker for the French royal family. In 1821, he successfully developed a time writer with a rotary dial ink. In 1822, he obtained a patent certificate and wrote an important page in the history of watch technology development.

The biggest difference between the Nicolas Rieussec chronograph and our common chronograph design is thatMONTBLANC fake it does not have a central chronograph second hand, but draws inspiration from the original chronograph in 1821, with seconds and minutes at 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock Chrono dial. After the chronograph is finished, the accumulated seconds and minutes are indicated by a fixed hand. The two chronograph dials are connected and fixed by a rose gold-plated bridge. And the embedded gemstone bearing connects the fixed chronograph second hand and minute hand fulcrum. best replica watches

The dual time function can display the local time and the original residence time at the same time. Which is very suitable for traveling and business travelers. There is a curved day/night display next to the 9 o’clock position, and there is a calendar window on the side of the 3 o’clock position, showing the date in the local time zone.

A single timing button is installed on the left side of the case at 8 o’clock. Which controls the three programs of timing start. Stop and zero reset, and the position of the button is matched with the pressing action of the right thumb. Which can also avoid the wrong start of the timing program when encountering a hard object.

The crown features the iconic Montblanc emblem and is made of resin. The crown is equipped with special functions, which can quickly adjust the hour hand and date back and forth. When you travel between different time zones, just turn the crown lightly to switch the hour hand to the local time, which is very convenient. During the process, the hour hand is separated from the movement system. Which does not hinder the precise operation of the movement.

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There is a fan-shaped area on the back of the watch, which is convenient for pulling out the crown, which is a very thoughtful design. The stainless steel strap is polished to an exceptionally smooth finish, which is undeniably easy to wear and tear. The bracelet is flexible, and the links have a certain curvature, which can make it more comfortable to wear.

In order to increase the comfort of the bracelet, the brand has really put a lot of thought into it. Adding two fine-tuning links on the bracelet to ensure that more people can match this watch. The official model 107068 watch is equipped with the Caliber MB R210 movement developed and produced by Montblanc fake, self-winding movement, double barrel. This movement that makes the brand proud is composed of 295 parts and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

This 107068 Skeleton Dual Time Zone Chronograph has a sophisticated design with many details. And complicated decorative treatments, but the overall feel is elegant and classic. The watch is complex in craftsmanship, fine in workmanship, and has excellent travel time accuracy. It is representative of Montblanc’s highest watchmaking craftsmanship.

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