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PVC wall and ceiling panels are the ultimate waterproof cladding material for humid interiors

Author Bio – Janet Johnson was looking for PVC wall and ceiling panels. She placed an online order at Duramax for wall and ceiling panels. Janet was highly impressed with the vinyl products from Duramax and highly recommends the customized PVC wall panels. The professionalism of the experts and unique material quality make Duramax PVC Panels a better choice than others.

Most commercial applications have high humidity, and uncontrolled dampness does cause a lot of damage. Damp walls and ceilings are the real cause of mold growth, bacterial infestation, and mildew formation. If you are looking for cleanliness and hygiene inside the commercial unit, installing wall and ceiling panels is non-negotiable. The high-quality PVC wall and ceiling panels are preferable in the current scenario. Although FRP and drywall still have a fan following, PVC has made a mark for itself for its extraordinary durability, strength, easy cleaning, and fire resistance. Here are a few reasons to consider vinyl over other cladding materials.

Moisture-proof wall panels with high durability 

Invest in waterproof wall and ceiling panels made from virgin vinyl. The non-porous finishing of the wall panels ensures excess moisture drips down the material without any seepage or absorption. The vinyl panels have no backer board that might attract moisture. The PVC wall panels are completely moisture resistant and, without any crevices, do not harbor bacteria, mold, mildew, and waste matter. The ½-inch wall panels offer exceptional durability and resilience, lasting 45 to 50 years post-installation. The vinyl panels are highly recyclable wall materials with 7x recyclability and have a lifecycle of 140 years.

Anti-mold and antibacterial PVC panels 

Get the PVC wall and ceiling panels to maintain optimal hygiene inside the facility. The vinyl panels have an anti-mold coated surface and do not allow dirt, debris, or microbes to settle on them. The PVC panels comply highly with FDA, CFIA, and ASTM quality parameters. The vinyl panels are non-toxic, mold-resistant, and antibacterial to maintain the highest sanitary conditions inside the wet commercial facility. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, grow rooms, and emergency shelters are a few commercial facilities that require antibacterial wall panels over traditional FRP cladding materials.

Quick PVC installation 

The vinyl panel installation is a quick affair requiring only 7 to 8 hours. While other cladding materials take days to install, PVC wall panels are a one-time purchase, and the installation is a one-person job. The PVC panels arrive from Duramax in all-inclusive DIY kits within 2 weeks. The low-cost vinyl panels are affordable at factory prices and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The vinyl wall panels get installed with studs and hidden fasteners. The tongue and groove system makes the PVC installation strong, durable, seamless, and aesthetically pleasing. PVC panels have no external hardware, and the installation is cost-effective too. Compared to FRP, vinyl panel installation saves 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses.

Easy to clean 

The vinyl panels are easiest to maintain as the smooth wall materials do not stain, fade, rot, or rust. The chemical-resistant PVC panels can be cleaned with mild detergents and soaps. Occasionally you can wash the PVC panels with a pressure washer to retain the white and bright hue. Unlike FRP or drywall, the high-quality vinyl wall panels never get discolored or turn yellowish.

Final Words 

Vinyl wall panels from Duramax are upgraded and better than other cladding materials. In addition, the high-end PVC panels come with a money-back guarantee and last 4x times longer than FRP. Get PVC panels customized for your commercial facility. Request a quote now.


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