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Learn how to draw Santa Claus

Learn how to draw Santa Claus with our simple tutorial on removing Santa Claus. Would you like to learn how to draw Santa Claus? In these barrier-free instructions. We will show you step by step how to draw Santa Claus so that you can sketch him with confidence!

You choice learn how to create up your Santa Claus pulling effort by stage. Beginning with his rounded figure and finishing with his standard red and white ensemble.

You can use your finished Santa Claus design to decorate Christmas cards. Put your photo in a frame and display it during the holiday season. This tutorial on drawing Santa Claus is intended for beginners and easy for children to try. You can remove the drawing for younger children and colour them in the Santa Claus drawing themselves.

Esther Curtis says, “Keep the pencil lines light you can rub them easily later

without having to scrub the paper.” Before you begin, it is practical to stock up on drawing supplies! Check out our guides on the best pencil drawing ideas and the best-coloured pencils.

You can draw your Santa Claus drawing with a pencil sketch. it with a brush pen for a professional finish. or use pencils if you prefer a more illustrated look. You can also add shading to give your finished Santa Claus drawing a 3D look. Why not create a festive backdrop like a snowy landscape. Place Santa Claus in his workshop at the North Pole?

How to draw Santa clause

You will need

HB pencil

Brush, Esther loves to use a Kuretake Fudegokochi brush



Total time:

1 hour

Step 1

With a pencil, begin by sketching an elliptic figure. Find the oval centre by removing a cross in the middle – take the vertical line three or four times as high as your oval shape. Give him oval eyes at the centre line and an oval nose just below.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 2

Next, draw another oval shape the same size as the first. Place it directly below so that the lines intersect at the horizontal centre point. Then more ovals! Draw two ovals at about 45 degrees under the nose and go to the baseline of the second oval. Draw a beard shape starting from the double oval.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 3

We’re going to add the body now. Using your horizontal centre line as a guide, draw a rough “bell shape” for her body and another just below it for her legs. Add two more outward sloping ovals for her feet.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 4

Come on, let’s give him some guns. Draw a rectangular shape that connects the body where his beard meets his torso. Then add two more ovals, one larger and one smaller, to shape their gloves. Repeat the process to draw the other arm.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 5

Now to his hat! We already have the top line of the second oval to place. Parallel to this, draw another line for the hatband. Decide where you want to place the pompom and remove it, then pull the curved lines connecting the bar to the pompom.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 6

Ink time. Use your pencil sketch as a basis to draw Santa’s face and add extra shape and shape where you want. For example, I made his moustache wobbly and gave his beard a pointy tip.

Draw Santa Claus

Step 7

Add the rest of the details, including the soft edging, belt, and some rosy cheeks! When the pen lines are dehydrated, erase the pencil sketch below.

Draw Santa Claus

Are you ready! Now you know how to draw Santa Claus, and we hope you enjoy adding it to all of your Christmas projects.


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