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Know about Web-Browser Based Setup Orbi RBK23

Orbilogin is a local web page created for login and configuration for all the Netgear Orbi login devices. Whatever the model you are using such as Orbi RBK23 to access the Orbi login page, prefer this address to configure and install your router. You can easily access the admin panel anytime and anywhere you want. The process requires a web browser available on your default access devices.

Setup steps before the Netgear Orbi login

Remove the batteries from the back of the modem by opening the lid and taking off the batteries. After that, remove the power cable and turn the modem off. Just leave the coaxial cable inserted with the modem. Coaxial cable is the source of the internet connection of your modem that you have got from your ISP providers.

Now, after five minutes, insert the batteries also. Take the yellow Ethernet wire to insert into the Ethernet port of your router. And the other end will go into the same Ethernet port of the modem. If you wish to link with the existing gateway, initially turn off the existing Netgear Orbi login gateway.

Follow the preceding steps for the Netgear Orbi login

  1. Plug the router into an electric outlet using the power adapter. To turn on the router, press the power button at the back of the router.
  2. Wait for the LEDs at the back of the router. It must be green and stable. If it is not on, press the power on/off button again. Then wait for the LED again.
  3. Now the time is to place and adjust the orbi login RBK23 satellite to the appropriate location near the router.
  4. Plug the satellite just beside the router and turn it on. Wait for the LEDs of the satellite to turn solid blue or amber.
  5. If you see an Orbi pink light colour for the LED lights of the satellites, then move the satellites close to the router.
  6. For more information about the behaviours of the satellite, click www.orbilogin.net or com.
  7. Now you should take another Ethernet cable and connect it to the computer or the PC.
  8. It should be connected through the LAN ports of the satellite or the router.
  9. Open a web browser and unlock its address bar, and type orbilogin.com, and then you have to follow the prompts one by one. If a login window opens on the screen, proceed to the next step mentioned below.
  10. At the login window, go and enter the username and the password of your router or the modem. The username is always ADMIN, and the password is PASSWORD for all the Netgear Orbi login routers and satellites.
  11. Now you have successfully been awarded the Basic Homepage of your Orbi RBK23 router. From here, we will move towards the further customizing steps, and you can even secure your router with security encryptions and passwords.

How do I reset my Netgear Orbi login device RBK23?

To reset your Orbi login RBK 23 router, you need to keep in mind the basic essential things in your mind that is as follows;

Resetting the router will vanish the entire setup and customization of your router. Netgear Orbi login SSID, Password, security setup all will reset to default. Then you have to login again with the default credentials from the scrape. Then you have to set up the SSID, admin Password, admin username, etc. Reset helps remove the cache memory, virus, bugs, and other threats that save your router and keep it clean. It also smoothens the functionality of the router and the satellite and removes the synchronization issues also.

  1. To reset your Orbi login RBK23, look for the reset button fitted at the back of the router.
  2. Take a pin or a safety pin to press the button. Hold the button for a minimum of 10 to 20 seconds.
  3. Later, release the button, and your router will show you a blinking LED for two minutes.
  4. After that, the LED will become stable which means you have successfully reset your router to its defaults.

What is the Orbi Push-Button Connect feature?

The push-button connect feature is a Smart feature to protect your Orbi login router. It helps to secure your Orbi login device from unauthorized access using this unique Push-Button feature of your router. It is an advanced feature with all the latest Netgear Orbi login devices as it protects your router using this advanced technology. But there is a disadvantage also. If an intruder presses the button, he can log in to your router and steal your data. Anyone can press this button as it is available on the router panel.

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