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Particulars on Types of Work Permits in Canada

If you are an overseas citizen and intend to work in Canada, you should get a work permit in Canada. But, before getting a work permit. It is better to know what type of workers are allowed to receive permission in Canada. In addition, The below passages give details on the types of work which will avail work permits in Canada.

Canada gives two types of Work Permit:

  1. Open Work PermitsOpen work permits in Canada are not job-specific. On the other hand, it facilitates you to work for any employer in Canada, except for an employer who has been declared ineligible according to the law of Canada.  

Eligibility to receive open work permits:

  1. If you are a global graduate student from a selective educational institution, you can receive a post-graduation work permit.  
  2. the applicant is a student who cannot afford the cost of his studies
  3. you apply for permanent dwelling in Canada
  4. If you are a dependent member of a family in which one person had applied for permanent residence 
  5. you are a spouse of an international worker or a student
  6. If you are a refugee or a sheltered person, or a refugee family member 
  7. you have a temporary resident permit card
  8. If you are an employee to attend an exclusive event

    2. Employer-Specific Work Permits
    – This employer-specific work permit levis a few conditions on your work permits like the employer to whom you are working, duration of your work, and the specific location of your work. 

Below is the list of work you can apply for to receive a work permit in Canada.

  1. Academic researcher – If you are a researcher, post-doctoral fellow, guest lecturer, visiting professor, etc. 
  2. Co-op student – An international student in Canada, you can do co-op work such as placements or internships as an integral part of your study program
  3. Artist – If you are a dancer, musician, actor, singer, or theater personality, you can apply for this permit
  4. Repair or maintenance worker for industries – If you intend to work in industries, you can apply for this permit
  5. Religious worker – You can apply for this permit if you wish to offer religious advice or teachings to a religious community
  6. Professional athlete – If you are a professional athlete or elected as a coach to a Canadian team, you can apply for a work permit in Canada
  7. Researcher – If you are a researcher or want to hold a research chair position at a specific Canadian institution or University, you can receive a work permit 
  8. Charitable worker – You can apply as a charity working to reduce poverty, promote education, extend the help to needy communities, or any other humanitarian projects
  9. Entrepreneurship – If you possess a certificate under the start-up visa program and your business creates jobs for the residents of Canada, you can get a work permit in Canada.

In some instances, before applying for Employer-Specific Work Permits. Your employer should issue a copy of the positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Also, This LMIA is issued from Employment and Social Development Canada/Service Canada, which permits employers to hire foreign national workers. 

The above-provided details on types of work permits Canada will ease your work before applying for the permit. 

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