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The utilization of custom pillow boxes dates back to the ancient era. Within the Egyptian civilization, there was the utilization of the wooden shape stone pillow for sleeping purposes.

It was the first time when the pillow shape was used. Then later on this shape became so popular that this kind of shape is used within the packaging industry as well.

There are various packaging firms that utilize this kind of shape for creating gift boxes. If you are running any kind of brand and want to showcase your products elegantly, then wait no more and choose this shape to display your products elegantly on the shelves.

The following are some of the tips which you can follow to have outstanding pillow shape packaging:

Custom Pillow Boxes

Texturize the Boxes

To texturize the boxes is the best approach to highlight the packaging. You have seen that plain packaging various times on the shelves but the outer packaging can do the trick.

Go for enhancing the outer image of the boxes in an elegant way by adding the textures. For instance, if you are offering the soap bars within the pillow shape boxes then add the texture on the boxes according to the flavor of the soap bar if you are offering the strawberry flavor then add the texture of the strawberries on the box.

It will give the customers the actual feel of the strawberry and they will be able to know that you are offering a strawberry flavor within the soapbox.

Moreover, you can add any kind of texture according to your wish and brand prerequisites.

Choose Bright Packaging

The idea of adding bright colors to the boxes can never get old. It is the outer attractive colors that enhance the external Packaging.

Draw inspiration from the bright colors and offer your clients the best artwork they require.

However, if you are planning to place the yummy jellies within the pillow box packaging then design the pillow shape box by adding bright colors such as yellow, blue, purple, green, etc.

By adding such colors to the packaging, you will enhance the image of your brand and more people will like to buy your boxes.

The bright color graphics creates a connection between your brand and the buyers. So, don’t skip the chance of elevating your sales by utilizing these bright colors.

Convey the story with the help of your brand

In order to enhance loyalty towards your brand, it is essential that you think out of the box. Just simply express the story of your brand with the help of the packaging on the boxes which you are utilizing for your products.

Go for adding the cards within the boxes to express the story of your brand through infographics. Try to convey your story in an exciting way that the customers like. Try to detail the formation of your brand and majorly the origin of the ingredients which you are utilizing within the formation of the products.

Provide a sneak peek

The pillow shape packaging can be utilized for any purpose whether it is eatable or non-eatable things. You can amazingly offer the nuts within these boxes with the help of the PVC window feature. However, the window feature is responsible to attract the maximum limelight on the shelves.

With the help of this feature, people will be able to know that you are offering good quality nuts.

Moreover, you can modify the window feature in any geometrical shape of your choice.

Provide Luxurious Touch to the Boxes

Go for adding the luxurious feel to the boxes by choosing the additional features such as spot UV, foiling, debossing, embossing, etc. These all-additional features will highlight the outer look of the boxes.

In order to provide a luxurious feel, add the fluorescent and vibrant color touch of yellow and pink color.

Further, you can also add the luxury touch by turning the pillow box background black and over it creates the artwork of the shocking pink bow to encase the jewelry items.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes with Handles

The pillow boxes are incomplete without handles. If you are offering some kind of heavy thing within the box and you feel that it is difficult for the customers to lift that product then for that purpose the inclusion of the handles in the kraft, ribbon, or in any other material would be a great idea to enhance the characteristics of your custom pillow boxes.

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