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Six massage guns for muscular relief according to the expert.

Whether you’re a competitor searching for ways of assisting with post-exercise recuperation or are encountering recently discovered back torment thanks to a non-ergonomic work-from-home arrangement, it may be ideal for putting resources into a designated profound tissue massager — also called a back rub weapon.

Who can utilize rub firearms from the solace of your home to assist your muscles with recuperating after an incredibly tiring exercise or a drawn-out day on your feet? Made sense of John Gallucci Jr., DPT, CEO of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy and clinical facilitator for Major League Soccer.

To assist you with picking the right back rub firearm for your necessities, we addressed specialists about how the gadget functions and gathered a portion of their number one massagers available.

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What is a back rub weapon?

A back rub weapon called a percussion massager is a handheld device that limbers muscles by giving quick, more minor expected explosions of tension in concentrated beats, which Gallucci made sense of. 

A back rub firearm’s high-speed vibrations can likewise animate nerve filaments, which like this hoses nearby torment reactions, made sense of Bianca Baldini, DPT, an acupuncturist, actual specialist, and marathon runner.

Be that as it may, rub weapons are not suggested for everybody. It made sense of Allen Conrad, an ensured strength and molding trained professional and Montgomery County Chiropractic Center proprietor.

Best back rub firearms to shop

Here are probably the best back rub weapons to consider across different brands and costs prescribed by the specialists we addressed.

Best by and sizeable back rub weapon: Hyperice


As per Sean Lynch, an ensured fitness coach, Orangetheory mentor, and studio proprietor, Hyperice’s Hypervolt model offers the best all over benefit with three velocities up to 3,200 percussions each moment (PPM), five head connections, and a battery-powered Lithium-particle battery that holds as long as two hours of juice. Baldini concurred, noticing that this is what she utilizes. “It has a variety of rates, isn’t difficult to cope with, and is typically tranquil,” she explained.

Best reasonable back rub firearm: VYBE

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun

For those searching for a financial plan accommodating choice, Gallucci likes this model from VYBE. It’s somewhat lightweight at 2.5 pounds; it also has eight-speed settings and nine unique connections.

Best travel-accommodating back rub weapon: Hyperice

Hypervolt GO

Hypervolt knead weapons are known for their fast-charging batteries, insignificant clamor levels, power, and usability, as per Gallucci. “Tipping the scales at 1.5 pounds, this Hypervolt item packs a ton of force into a movement accommodating choice,” he said, noticing that it’s “close to as strong as some regular firearms.” Conrad concurred that this is a quality lightweight choice that can undoubtedly be conveyed or gathered in a sack while voyaging.

Best lavish expenditure knead weapon: Theragun.

Theragun PRO

This back rub firearm remains on a whole other level because of its ergonomic grasp and customizable arm, as indicated by Gallucci. It’s not difficult to point the arm, for a tweaked knead took care of any body part. “This back rub firearm is a venture, yet wellness fans and competitors feel it is certainly worth the lavish expenditure.” Conrad likewise noticed that the Pro model is north of 50% calmer than past Theragun ages.

Best back rub firearm for amateurs: Wahl

Wahl Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager

It accompanies four connection heads, and even though it isn’t battery-worked, it has a 9-foot power link so you can move uninhibitedly. It also has two velocities and two vibration settings with 3,350 PPM. Conrad suggested this choice for amateurs searching for a spending plan suitable choice before making more sizable speculation. However, he noticed that travel firearms like this might not be strong enough for more extensive regions like the hamstrings. They can be helpful for more modest areas like the calves and lower arms.

Best adjustable back rub firearm: Theragun

Theragun Prime

Conrad’s number one back rub firearm is for three reasons: It’s peaceful, has an ergonomic handle, and packs a lot of force. I like this machine best since it is incredibly calm [and] vital [and] has five connections and five-speed settings that permit me to redo a back rub treatment.”

Knead weapon highlights to consider

As indicated by the specialists we counseled, customers might go over a few striking elements while looking at changed rub weapon models.

  • Clamor. A few units are incredibly loud, making them terrible to use close to the head or neck, Gallucci cautioned. He suggests understanding audits and searching for commotion-level grievances to assist with trying not to wind up with an excessively loud back rub firearm.
  • Strength. Some back rub firearms offer different speed levels estimated in percussions each moment, or PPM. “Higher paces or speed will yield a more shallow desensitizing impact, and higher power models will venture further into the muscle strands,” said Baldini.
  • Weight. A back rub firearm is intended to be utilized with one hand, making the importance critical, added Gallucci. 
  • Conveyability. Alongside weight, you need to think about the size to keep your back rub weapon in a duffel bag or take it with you when you travel.
  • Convenience. Consider not just on the off chance that you can hold and apply tension without anyone else. It is also so natural to quickly push through the various velocities as you target multiple pieces of your body.
  • Brilliant application. Some back rub weapons sport Bluetooth availability and work with their applications, so you have some control over speed, customize settings or select various projects in light of exercises or areas of concern.
  • Head connections. Purchasing a back rub weapon with a scope of head connections will give you the adaptability to chip away at the various region of your body. A significant round head, for instance, can be utilized on more enormous muscle bunches like your quads, while who can use a level head on little, thick muscle bunches like the shoulder bones.

Well known rub firearm brands: Theragun and Hypervolt

When customers begin investigating putting resources into a back rub firearm, they will probably see that two brands rule the field: Theragun and Hypervolt.

Notwithstanding, in Lynch’s insight, their firearms are precise, and they are a portion of the costly models available.

Hypervolt, in the meantime, “has a ton of similar highlights as the Theragun. However, it is far calmer,” he said. However, the back rub firearm “isn’t as stylishly ‘hot,'” he said it, at last, doesn’t affect its rate, which is why he said it has the best all over esteem.

Rub weapons: advantages and disadvantages

As indicated by Gallucci, there are various viewpoints to think about regarding a back rub weapon, the two upsides and downsides.


After an extreme exercise or even some arduous house or yard work, Gallucci said it’s not unexpected to encounter sore muscles — a back rub weapon can help. Utilizing the rear rub weapon eases torment and speeds up your recuperation time by allowing the expulsion of byproducts from harmed tissue and separating scar tissue.

As indicated by Gallucci, knead firearms additionally offer sufficient strain to have an effect, unlike other back rub apparatuses like froth rollers.


Knead who should use firearms appropriately. The individuals who are unpracticed or have not done what’s a necessary exploration on the most proficient method to deal with the back rub weapon properly can wind up harming themselves.

Knead weapons utilized on wounds like strains, hyper-extends, broken bones, or even outrageous enlarging can also exacerbate the harm. “They can also harm the harmed tissue or even increase the enlarging rate.

Use tips

As an actual specialist, Gallucci often works with patients who don’t think they need to counsel their primary care physician before utilizing a back rub firearm. If you don’t converse with your PCP ahead of time, you could create additional injury.

Whenever you have counseled a specialist and done your examination, Gallucci suggests remembering these tips:

  1. Attempt to loosen up your body before utilizing the back rub firearm.”There is an explanation for why a therapist gives you a back rub in a loosening up situation,” he explained.
  2. Utilize a gradual rhythm. Particularly when you are first utilizing the item, it will treat the designated muscle all the more actually.
  3. Don’t only concentrate on the challenging area. Work on the muscles that surround this area as well. “When another power is under pressure, the body compensates by asking the surrounding muscles to function.

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