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How to Grow Your Dairy Farming Business?

Are you working day and night for the advancement of your dairy farm business? Due to the growing alertness among individuals, lots of farmers are showing immense interest in the dairy farming business. A majority of them seize possession from their ancestors.

Irrespective of the background and expertise you have in this field, there are several things you should take into account for the expansion of your dairy farming business.

Dairy business is a money-making undertaking provided the individual knows what he/she is doing and how to look after the cattle. This business needs plenty of resources, investment, and enough land to keep the wanted number of cows.

It entails growing grass, fodder, and legumes of the finest quality for feeding the cattle adequately. You need to have ample food for feeding the cattle as per the needs throughout the cold and dry season.

Budget plays an important part too in planning and growing your dairy business lucratively. All cows within your farm need to be given the required vitamins and nutrients. In addition, you should have a Fatomatic, as well. A Fatomatic is a fat measuring machine that aids the farmers to identify the amount of fat within the milk, and in case it is less than the required amount, it means that the cow is undernourished. By doing this, you can improve the cows’ diet to enhance the quality of the milk.

Best Tips to Take Your Dairy to New Heights

  1. Keep the cattle clean and healthy

It is vital to concern the wellbeing of the cattle, mainly during the winter. The winter months are quite tough for the cows. It is necessary to dry them if they are bathed, or else they’ll fall ill. Apart from this, keeping the cattle in fine and nominal weight is crucial, too. It is suggested to check them one time every 2 months. Moreover, it is equally critical to maintain the body fat level that can be increased or reduced by feeding them properly.

  1. Look after cow’s teat

You need to make sure that the teats of the cow are dry, mainly while leaving the milking stall or feed area. If you find that the teats of the cow are filthy and not washed appropriately, it can catch infection, make them uncomfortable, and impact the milk quality, as well. Thus, to have a long life for the cows in your dairy farm, and for the growth of your business, it is important that you keep their teats clean and dry.

  1. Proper Shelter

Generally, it is seen in the dairy farm that folks lock their cattle in godown or construct a hall and keep all the animals in one place. Constructing a proper shelter for them plays a vital part in the progression of the dairy business. The shelter you’ll build for the animals must also ensure maintaining the suitable temperature inside, both during cold and warm days. Keep the shelter dry and warm to make the cattle feel comfy. There must be a separate space with constant obtainability of water and food for the pregnant cows.

  1. Warm-up

A morning boost is necessary for the cows for their good health and progress in dairy production. Make sure that you feed the cows enough in the morning so that they can get all the required nutrients. Give them a little push to make them ready for the day. Sitting inside the shed without doing anything in the entire day will make them weak. Thus, it is important for you to look after them. Try to leave the cattle in open fields at least two times a day. Doing this will keep them energetic.

Advantages of Dairy Farm Loan

  1. This type of loan by NSIC does not require any collateral, meaning that even those who are new to this business can acquire finances without assuring a personal or business asset as collateral.
  1. You can get fast approval of your dairy farm loan online application within 24 hours.
  1. You can receive a loan of up to 45 lakh INR to invest in growing your dairy farm.

Documents Needed 

  1. Income tax returns, GST documents, and bank statements.
  1. You must submit government-sanctioned KYC (Know Your Customer) documents such as PAN card, driver license, Aadhaar card, or voter ID.
  1. Residential proof is also a vital document that you need to submit. These include water bills, utility bills, passports, or rent agreements.

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