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How to Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass for Landscaping

When buying artificial grass for landscaping, you can choose from a variety of different thicknesses and lengths. Thick yarns are softer and are recommended for areas where people stand and walk on it. You can also choose from green colors ranging from vivid shades of green to realistic brown. Moreover, some turfs feature brown blades of grass for a more realistic look. If you want to create a safe and comfortable play area for your kids, you can also choose to buy good quality artificial grass with shock-absorbing infills.


When buying infill for artificial grass, you’ll need to consider what’s best for your turf. Silica sand is the most common material for this purpose and is one of the least expensive options. Ideally, kiln-dried silica sand is used for this purpose, which involves treating it at high temperatures to remove all organics and moisture. Because it is relatively coarse and angular, silica sand will hold the grass blades upright while preventing them from sinking. Lastly, it’s resistant to weed growth, making it a popular choice for many applications.

Another popular infill material is rubber pellets. These products mimic the texture and appearance of natural grass and are excellent for high-traffic areas. However, they are not very healthy for your turf as they trap heat and spread dust. Furthermore, rubber pellets are hot and are not ideal for areas where pets will walk on them. They also absorb pet odor and bacteria. This makes them particularly unhygienic, so you’ll want to keep your dog off of your turf.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

When installing an artificial grass infill, it’s essential to choose the type based on the intended use. Sports fields, for example, require between three and twelve pounds of infill per square foot. On the other hand, a backyard’s turf doesn’t get nearly the amount of traffic that a football field will get. In either case, infill is necessary for the turf to maintain its shape and bounce back when walked on.


Rubber is the most commonly used infill material, which comes in two different types. The most common type of rubber is black crumb rubber, which is create from recycled tires. The other type is EPDM virgin rubber, which is much more expensive but has fewer contaminants. Sands, on the other hand, come in a wide variety. Silica sand is the cheapest infill material, but it has jagged edges. Man-create sands, on the other hand, are rounded. Some even contain additives like urea.

Another type of infill is crumb rubber. This is an excellent option as it is low cost and eco-friendly. Create from recycled tires, crumb rubber is one of the most sustainable materials for infilling artificial turf. It is also non-abrasive and resistant to UV rays. However, some people are concerned about the health risks associated with crumb rubber, which contains more than 90 chemicals.


Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is resistant to wear and tear. This is due to thousands of individual plastic blades bonded to a backing material. As such, pile density has a significant effect on the durability of artificial grass. For instance, nylon turf with 18,000 stitches per square metre will be more durable than polyethylene turf with just 1,000 stitches. The fibre material also plays a big role in the overall resistance of artificial turf.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

However, the cost of installation may be higher if the site is not suitable for concrete. Land that must be grade or slope is necessary before installation. This complicate pre-installation process increases the cost of the product. Moreover, artificial grass does not last as long as concrete. It is not suitable for driveways, for example. It is not suite for heavy foot traffic, either. In addition, skateboarding will not roll as easily on concrete as on grass.

Quality of Concrete

The quality of concrete use in hardscaping is also an important factor to consider. Concrete has less consequential elements and can last for decades. However, when compare to artificial grass, concrete is still a better choice because it is time-test and durable. The key to durability of artificial grass is to choose premium-grade concrete, hire a reliable contractor, and prepare the site well. However, it is important to remember that both softscaping and hardscaping involve site preparation.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

The pile density of artificial grass affects its performance and aesthetics. A dense pile will make the grass appear thicker. Look at the pictures below for a better understanding of how this affects artificial grass. One example is Tauro artificial turf manufacture with 13,500 stitches per square metre. You can also compare pile density and gauge between different products. The higher the number of stitches per square metre, the denser the pile will be.

A putting green create of synthetic grass is more expensive than a regular artificial grass turf. The putting green’s surface must be strong enough to withstand wheels and frequent foot traffic. Using a synthetic putting green for a golf course, however, has its own set of problems. It gets hot in the sun and cannot be use in hot, tropical climates. A synthetic putting green can also be damage by wind, but it will last longer if you care for it properly.

Antimicrobial properties

The question of whether or not good quality artificial grass has antimicrobial properties has been a major topic of debate over the past decade. This debate has centered around the question of whether or not synthetic turf affects the health of children, pets, and athletes. It is particularly important to know the effects of artificial grass on the environment and the health of humans. The fact that bacteria can survive on synthetic turf is also relevant, because this type of turf lacks organic matter that is necessary for their survival.

Regular synthetic turf is perfectly fine for landscape applications, but it is not appropriate for dog facilities or playgrounds. Thankfully, the turf industry has invested millions in developing antimicrobial turf that addresses the sanitary and odor issues of real grass. Antimicrobial infill is only appropriate for certain applications and is usually place on the bottom 10% of the turf, leaving the top 90% unaffect. The good news is that you can find an expert to install your new turf.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

Good quality synthetic grass also inhibits bacterial growth. UV rays and high surface temperatures kill bacteria, and natural sod is not subject to these conditions. In addition, some brands of artificial grass have silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria. This makes them a good choice for outdoor applications, but the best way to decide is to choose a high-quality artificial grass for your landscape. Then you’ll have the peace of mind that your new landscape is healthy and safe for your pets and children.

In conclusion, while synthetic turf providers may claim that their turf has antimicrobial properties, the truth is that not all synthetic turf has these qualities. Moreover, not all antimicrobial solutions are create equal, and consumers are susceptible to being scammed. The truth is, you need to do your research before choosing a turf for your property. If you want a better quality turf, check out the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Easy to install

There are several ways to install an artificial lawn. Professional installers can use specialized tools for this process. These tools include a sod cutter, plate compactor, power broom, and turf gripper, puller, and kicker. If you are not comfortable installing your own lawn, you can rent specialized tools. However, it is best to hire a professional to complete the job. Here are some tips to make the process as easy as possible.

An easy to install artificial grass may be something that an amateur handyman can do. Small areas are not as difficult to install as larger ones. However, the larger the area, the more grass you’ll need. In addition, seaming is a complicated process that may not be suited for inexperienced landscapers. This article will teach you some tips to install a new lawn. It may be an easy project, but it will require some skill and expertise.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

When installing an artificial grass, the first thing to consider is the area you’re covering. You can install it directly over your existing grass, but this will cause problems down the road. You’ll also run the risk of creating a substandard surface that will eventually cause weeds to grow. Make sure to choose a base that is 2-3 inches thick and even. Make sure the surface is properly graded and smooth to eliminate low spots. To avoid injury, wear knee pads or other protective equipment.


Another option for installing an artificial grass lawn is using remnants. Remaining pieces of turf from past jobs are available at discount prices. These pieces are 15′ by 15′ and are typically unuse. Be sure to check with the local store before purchasing remnants. These remnants can’t be deliver, but they can be bought and pick up at a store. If you’re not local to an artificial grass store, you can search remnant sites online for available pieces. Online stores update their remnant listings regularly, which can save you a lot of money.

Artificial grass is easy to install compare to sod. A good quality turf is create to last 15 to 25 years, depending on how much it’s use for. The cost will depend on your budget and the size of your lawn and you should also buy artificial grass online. A professional installation will cost around $14 to 60 cents per square foot. The maintenance require for sod may range from one to seven years, which can make it unaffordable for most people.

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