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Uses of Artificial Grass Accessories – Complete Guide

You might have heard about artificial grass accessories, but not exactly sure what to get. If you’re new to artificial grass, this guide will help you figure out which accessories are most essential to your turf. Learn about ballast, wonder edge edging, and cushioning pads. You may even want to invest in a ballast for your putting green. Read on to find out more. After reading this, you should be well-equipped to install your new turf with artificial grass accessories.

Putting Green Turf Face Weight

When shopping for a putting green, be sure to check the face weight. This refers to the amount of material that makes up the turf’s blades. Face weight is generally between 40 to 60 ounces for a three-foot square area. Many companies list the weight of their turf as a whole, but that’s misleading. What’s important is the face weight of the turf itself. The more face weight the putting green has, the better.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The face weight of a putting green is the amount of material that it contains per square yard. Higher face weights make the turf more durable, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into longer life. Face weight should be between 40 and 60 ounces per square yard. In addition to the face weight, you should also look at the pile height of the turf. Generally, a putting green surface should be about 1/2 to 3/4″ thick.

Another quality to look for in a putting green is the pile height. The pile height refers to how thick the turf is. While a thicker pile height makes a putting green appear more lush, a low pile height ensures that the ball will roll true. Most putting green surfaces range from 1/2 inch to 3/4″ thick, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And, if you’re planning to install your putting green outdoors, it’s best to choose a synthetic turf with a face weight of 7.5 to 10 pounds.

Wonder Edge edging

For those who have never used an artificial grass edging product before, wonder Edge is a perimeter frame that is specially designed for this purpose. This product can be used to create a finished grade, while offering strength and durability. Installers can use the Wonder Edge without digging, nails, or stakes. It is less expensive, easier to install, and comes with a long warranty. Wonder Edge is made from post-consumer recycled materials. Its unique design helps save time and money for the artificial grass contractor.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The Wonder Edge is an ideal artificial grass edging product because it does not require the use of cement or digging along the edge. Its unique shape also minimizes chipping and tripping hazards. Its hollow core makes it easy to run wiring or wires without the need to support a base. The installation process can be completed in a matter of minutes. With Wonder Edge, you can install the artificial grass in a day.

Wonder Edge is ideal for both landscapes and hardscapes. It can be easily glued down with an outdoor adhesive, and it eliminates the trip hazard associated with bender boards. It’s also more durable than bender boards and requires no screws or bender spikes, making it the perfect choice for pet areas. The edging system is also eco-friendly, since it’s made of recycled polyethylene.


Ballast is an important part of artificial grass installation. The ballast fills the spaces between the grass blades and adds resilience. Ballast is an important part of the installation process, as it prevents the synthetic turf from lifting or moving when hot weather is present. The correct infill also prevents wrinkles and movement. When using ballast, make sure to choose the right kind. Here are some tips to keep the ballast in place:

Artificial Grass Accessories

Particulate fill material 18 includes two layers: a first lower layer 26 that is made up of gravel and ballast particles. A second upper layer 30 is made up of resilient particles that provide weight to the synthetic turf and hold it in place. The particulate fill material 18 can be made up of a combination of rubber, gravel, or plastic. The ballast and the gravel fill layer are interconnected to give the grass a more uniform and balanced appearance.

Cushioning pad

A cushioning pad for artificial grass improves the overall feel of landscape grass. Not only will it make the grass more comfortable, it will also help to prevent injuries to children playing on it. A foam underlay will also improve the life of the turf, increasing its resilience to impacts. Here are some tips to use a cushioning pad for artificial grass. Read on to learn more. To make your outdoor space safer, use a foam underlay.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The first step in preventing injury is to purchase a cushioning pad. This is not an expensive product, but it is well worth the price. You can purchase foam pads that will last as long as the artificial grass itself. If you are looking for a cushioning pad for artificial grass, look for one made from high-grade foam. Thick padding is softer and safer than thin ones. The last step is to find a product that will fit your needs and budget.

A cushioning pad is essential for an outdoor space. It can protect children from injuries while they play on an artificial lawn. These pads are often installed under playground equipment and are available in two-inch, three-quarter and one-inch thicknesses. You can find a foam cushioning pad in a variety of colors to match the surrounding landscape. It can be installed directly underneath the turf, under play equipment, or beneath an artificial lawn installation.


Before you begin installing artificial grass, you must purchase the appropriate installation accessories. These include adhesive, geotextile membrane, nails, rubber granules, sand, and two-component turf glue. These will allow you to properly install the grass without damaging the surrounding concrete or edging. You will also need a small bucket, large paintbrush, and a gardening sprayer to secure the perimeter of your grass.

Artificial Grass Accessories

When installing artificial grass on concrete, you must first thoroughly clean the concrete surface. Make sure to remove any loose debris and check the level of the concrete before applying the artificial grass. Next, you must install the border and any additional artificial grass accessories. Once you have completed these steps, you can now apply adhesive to the surface. After the adhesive dries, lay down the grass by lining up each piece with the edge. Once the area is prepared, you can then proceed with the installation.

If you have a relatively large space to cover, you can choose to install the artificial grass yourself. You can find precut rolls of grass carpeting at home centers. It comes in either six or twelve feet wide. The backing used is either marine-grade foam or a stiffer plastic. This artificial grass carpeting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. You will need to use wood putty or a similar substance to fill any holes.


The artificial grass accessory cost depends on the type of material you choose. Nylon is a durable but stiff material, while polyethylene is softer and suited for putting greens and sports fields. The type and quality of synthetic turf will also depend on your area and brand. The higher quality turf can increase the overall cost of the installation. The following are some of the most common accessories:


This fill is sold in 50-pound bags and costs $22. It is applied to the surface in amounts of between one and two pounds per square foot, depending on the type of traffic. However, it is important to note that it is much cheaper to install the artificial grass yourself compared to hiring a professional turf company. Home Depot sells several varieties of artificial grass for as low as $0.44 per square foot. However, if you are planning to install a large area of artificial grass, you should hire a turf company or hire an install team.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial grass is not a difficult project if you have basic tools and a bit of extra time. The installation process can be difficult if you have curved areas, but it can be done by the most seasoned do-it-yourselfer. There are experts available to help you with this task if you are not experienced. When installing artificial grass or artificial wall plant, it is important to prepare the area. It should be sloped at 2% to promote proper drainage. The surface should also be compacted to 90%.

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