How Does Pressure Washer Work?

Pressure Washer

When you are done scrubbing, excessively washing, buying expensive chemicals and stuff, and still your garage, cars, windows and floors are a mess. Fret not, give Pressure Washers a chance and the years of dust and rust will come off pretty soon. Pressure Washer works wonders when it comes to cleaning cars, decks, windows, or even trees if the pressure is set to an appropriate range.

Parts of Pressure Washer

A regular Pressure Washer works with basic components, i.e. water inlet, engine, water pump, high-pressure hose, and cleaning attachment or nozzle. With such simple parts, a pressure washer has the ability to work wonders with water. Still, these apparently simple parts work together in a manner that makes the whole cleaning process easy and quick, and ensures that no stain is left unattended.

The Water Inlet of the Pressure Washer

The water enters the machine from the water inlet. Some machines store water inside, others need water supply all the time. Both of the machines work the same as well as the pros and cons are in the same amount too.

The Engine in the Pressure Washer

The Engine in the Pressure Washer

When the water enters the pressure washer, then the rest is taken care of by the engine. The engine enables the water pump to provide water to the hose with power and pressure that shall facilitate the cleaning process.

There are two types of engine. One is operated by electricity and the other one works on fuel. Although both of them function the same, still there are differences in their working mechanism. The electric engine needs electricity all the time. Hence, you either work in the closer proximity to the power socket, or use an extension wire. Moreover, this might not be very safe considering that water and electricity are in contact all the time. On the other hand, the fuel operated engine might be too noisy to work with.

The Water Pump in the Pressure Washer

In the pressure washer the water pump is the most important part. If the water pump does not work efficiently the whole process shall be compromised. The function of the water pump is to facilitate the water, and pump it up with speed that shall build pressure. The pressure enables the water to clean things as if they were just bought from the store.

High-Pressure Water Hose

To make sure that your pressure washer works fine, get a water hose that can contain double the pressure than the capacity of your pressure washer. The water hose is made of several layers of plastic and wires, if it cannot contain the pressure effectively then you will be creating more mess than ensuring a stain free home or garage.

Cleaning Attachment or Nozzle

presser washer nozzle

Along with a pressure washer there comes a nozzle. Sometimes, it is detachable and you can use several nozzles according to your needs. Be sure that the nozzle will not corrode anytime soon, select a nozzle that is made of high quality material so you can work with your pressure washer hassle-free and get the best out of it.

The Price of Pressure Washers in Pakistan

The price of pressure washers vary brand to brand and model to model. Starting from as low as a few thousands it can cost you up to lacs as well. It only depends on your usage, if you need one for commercial purposes, the usage would be ten times more than the domestic use. Be sure you know your intent, and make the right choice.

Best Pressure Washer in Pakistan

To find the best Pressure Washer in Pakistan visit Hyundai Powers. These pressure washers are built with high quality materials that do not rust or corrode for a longer period of time. Hyundai Pressure Washers offer you the best package for no one in Pakistan can compete with the excellence of their Pressure Washers.

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