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Can a Man Recover from a Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count is a major factor for a man to accept. It means that when a man ejaculates, he produces less sperm than the normal number. Low sperm count is also known as oligospermia in which a man produces less amount of sperm than the regular one. There are a lot of factors due to which a man suffers from this. The medical reason, intake of alcohol and drugs, environmental factors, health, lifestyle, and many more are the reasons for low sperm.

Yes, a low sperm count is curable. There are treatments for low sperm count, but you need to take proper care for having healthy sperm. If a person is suffering from oligospermia, then it decreases the chance of your partner getting pregnant. But if you are lucky enough, your partner will be able to get pregnant with a low sperm count as well.

When to Take the Doctor’s Advice?

If a man cannot have a baby after several unprotected intercourses with his partner, he must run to a doctor. Several symptoms will make you realize why you are suffering from this:

  • When a man’s private part is unable to erect or ejaculate properly, or he feels less active while having sex, then he must visit a doctor.
  • When a man is having pain or some type of discomfort, or if the private area swells, then also he should go to the doctor.
  • When a man had medical surgery in the past, then he must take the doctor’s advice first before having sex.

Why Does a Person Have a Low Sperm Count?

There are three basic factors of having low sperm count in males:

  • Medical Problems

If a man is suffering from varicocele, a condition where veins swell causes, low sperm count. A man might suffer from cancers, tumours, hormonal disbalance, ejaculatory problems, and so on.

  • Environmental Factors

Sperm count gets low when there is a lot of exposure to radiation and industrial chemicals. As we know that testicles have a certain temperature, and when their temperature increases, it causes less sperm count and the quality degrades.

  • Health and Lifestyle Issues

If a person is involved in smoking and drug intake and also intake of alcohol, then it is a matter of concern. It comes under unhealthy habits. Also taking the stress and having unhealthy eating habits are factors of low sperm count.

What Is the Treatment for Low Sperm Count?

There are treatments for low sperm count depending upon the cause. They are:

  • Surgery

If a person is suffering from varicocele or blockages, then surgery is the best option as it normalizes the problem and can be better as time will pass. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is also one of the options which can work in making your partner pregnant.

  • Medications

There are issues with the reproductive tract and in that situation, you should consult a doctor who advises you on the medicines which will cure the infection. Still t, there is less chance of releasing semen as earlier if there occurs an issue of permanent tissue damage.

  • Hormonal Treatments

If the hormones are not at proper levels then it occurs the problem of low sperm count. But after taking the doctor’s advice, one can go for medication as well as treatment to regain infertility. One should not take medicine without a doctor’s advice as boosters or steroids may fully destroy the sperm count.

  • Lifestyle Modifications

One can modify this problem by having healthy food. Also, meditation and yoga help in regaining sperm count as it reduces stress One should also avoid using lubricants as it has chemicals and can harm you. Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking supplements is to be stopped to regain sperm count.


Low sperm count is a problem for a forest of individuals, but several treatments can cure the problem. One thing you need to have is patience. Patience works wonders so after applying healthy habits, one should wait for a few months and then try intercourse. One can go for a Sperm Motility Analysis to know if the sperm count got normal. And also physical activities will work wonders.

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