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Healthcare patient feedback form: Why it matters?

Online Form Builder

With intelyForms, make any changes you like to your healthcare patient feedback form template. For example, simply drag and drop to add or alter questions, upload your logo, or change the form appearance.

Choose a template from the list and customize it with our drag-and-drop builder. Then, using your secure intelyForms account, embed the form on your website or send a link to patients and track responses.

What is the patient feedback form in healthcare?

Patient feedback is critical for ensuring that you provide excellent treatment to your patients, regardless of whether you work in a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, or another type of healthcare organization

intelyForms patient feedback forms allow you to collect input from any device, making them ideal for telemedicine and in-person services. In addition, a well-structured patient feedback system can assist you in gathering critical patient feedback. 

You can examine patient input with the help of a comprehensive, user-friendly patient feedback form.

Once you’ve gathered feedback, you can examine it in intelyForms as a spreadsheet or even produce reports. For example, you may quickly collect data by switching from paper forms to online forms with an online patient feedback form.

Why are healthcare patient feedback forms necessary?

The healthcare organization has begun to make significant changes to provide a positive patient experience. However, we recognize the importance of not just providing excellent patient care but also of establishing trust. 

Patient feedback forms add value and exceed our patients’ expectations. In addition, patient feedback might assist you in establishing a connection with your patients. 

Rather than simply walking away, your patients’ input allows you to address the difficulties they encountered and improve their overall patient experience. However, the significance of patient feedback extends far more profound.

Here are some reasons why using a patient feedback form is so crucial.

  • To improve the patient experience:

To improve the patient experience, ask your patients how they feel about the care they receive at your healthcare facility.

Unless you specifically ask for comments, your patients are unlikely to share their thoughts. You risk losing patients if you don’t answer patient concerns and focus on patient satisfaction.

  • Patient feedback might assist you in resolving consumer complaints.
  • Use your feedback form to track patient feedback by respondents to uncover specific issues.
  • Examine individual responses and responses to multiple-choice questions in your feedback form.
  • Track changes in patient satisfaction by comparing their input over time.

You can engage your patients by regularly asking for and responding to patient input. Your patients will acquire trust that they are being heard if you respond and follow up frequently.

Using patient input, you’ll be able to customize patient care even further.

  • To improve the quality of care:

A healthcare provider’s true success is determined by the quality of care they deliver. You can discover gaps in patient care, improve quality of care, and boost patient engagement and retention by using well-designed patient feedback surveys and processes.

  • Request specific comments from patients
  • Collect patient feedback on everything
  • Scheduling appointments 
  • Wait times 
  • Doctor’s bedside manner 
  • Thoroughness 
  • Professionalism 
  • Communication

Analyze the survey responses in your feedback form to discover the most common concerns patients confront.

A patient feedback form is a fantastic approach to collect input from patients at several touchpoints. To receive real-time patient feedback, use the patient feedback form to design several patient surveys and collect input at various touchpoints such as post-appointment, post-discharge, pharmacy, and more.

  • For benchmarking: 

Patient feedback is an excellent way to see how you stack up against other healthcare providers. To get a patient satisfaction rating, evaluate satisfaction questionnaires in your patient feedback form.

Compare your ratings to those of other medical professionals. You can also use feedback as a metric to track your progress over time. For example, feedback is used by practices in their patient-centered group to compare themselves to other practices.

They can also make comparisons between individual doctors and the general practice. To benchmark specific processes, the study employed two patient questionnaires. They also use patient comments to gain a better understanding of their flaws.

  • To boost revenue:

Insurance companies are increasingly using the patient experience as a criterion to assess a healthcare provider’s quality of care. As a result, it impacts the way payers and providers arrange their contracts. 

In value-based payment schemes, care quality is a critical criterion. But, on the other hand, acting on patient input helps you boost your bottom line more directly. 

When you use patient feedback to improve the patient experience, you increase the likelihood that patients will return to you rather than switch to another physician.

  • For lowering patient movement and enhancing patient retention:

Patient feedback can aid in the retention of patients and the reduction of patient movement. When you respond to patient input, you can significantly improve the patient experience.

We’ve already established that patient input can aid in the improvement of care quality. However, particular patient input might also assist you in personalizing the patient experience.

As a healthcare provider, you may improve patient retention by reducing patient leakage at gaps in care. In addition, patients who are satisfied with their treatment are more likely to have a stronger bond with their doctors and return.

  • To improve open communication and ongoing improvement:

The only constant in today’s healthcare world is changing, a fitting proverb if ever there was one. The most significant way to stay current is to foster a culture of open communication and constant improvement among all levels of personnel.

One of the best methods to build the psychological safety inherent in the highest-performing teams is to openly share and analyze patient input on the performance of the front office and clinicians.

Once colleagues feel safe, they may have productive conversations about improving the practice’s performance for the benefit of patients.


The healthcare industry is becoming more complicated. Cost-cutting is a priority for both the government and private payers, and providers are facing increased competition. 

As a healthcare practitioner, you must recruit and retain patients, and patient feedback is critical in this process. To schedule a demo or sign up with intelyForms today. Now is the time to start using patient feedback to improve your care quality.


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