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How to Recover From a Root Canal

A root canal can be uncomfortable, but it’s not an emergency situation, despite what you may have heard or read. There are several steps you can take before the dentist to ensure the procedure goes smoothly and that you don’t suffer any unnecessary pain afterward. Root canal recovery doesn’t have to be scary or painful – with these tips, you’ll be back to eating healthy foods and keeping up with your regular daily routine in no time!

Will My Tooth Still Hurt When I Get Home?

Dental work requires anesthesia, and you’ll have numbness in your mouth after most procedures. You’ll likely be given pain medication and anti-bacterial solutions to take home with you, but you shouldn’t have severe pain after returning home. If your tooth is still bothering you once you get home, it’s time to call your dentist for help. Don’t just tough it out: Your dental work could actually be causing more problems by prolonging inflammation in your mouth. Talk with an expert if you feel as though your root canal recovery isn’t going smoothly and needs professional intervention—particularly if things start feeling worse instead of better.

What Kind of Pain Can I Expect Afterward?

Root canal recovery can be uncomfortable, so it’s best to know what you’re in for ahead of time. You’ll probably experience some mild pain or tenderness for about 24 hours after your procedure, but that should gradually fade as you heal. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are fine; just be sure not to take them before or after taking any other medications—particularly blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin). Aspirin should also be avoided because it can trigger bleeding if taken before or after your treatment.

Does Insurance Cover This Procedure?

If you have health insurance, you can call your company or visit their website to see what they consider urgent care.it’s an emergency, even if it is an oral issue such as a broken tooth, they should cover it. If you don’t have insurance, you might be able to get some sort of discount by paying cash upfront at any dentist office. It’s more important that you go and get treatment than save money if there is something wrong with your teeth; make sure to discuss options for payment before going in for anything other than a cleaning.

In general, root canal recovery from a specialist won’t cost less than $200 unless you pay out-of-pocket – but follow-up visits could easily raise that price much higher. Ask your dentist about all costs ahead of time so you are prepare when paying at checkout! While seeking out a discounted root canal recovery plan may seem ideal due to economic hardship, keep in mind how essential good dental hygiene is when preventing these types of problems in the future. Just like one would want regular cleanings between gum disease episodes rather than try alternative remedies like oregano oil (yes – people do search Google to find ways to replace dentists), these same types of habits will need be followed throughout life.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment Anyway?

The simple answer is because a tooth infection can lead to swelling and destruction of more than just your tooth. It’s vital that we repair and save diseased teeth as soon as possible, because decay and pain can not only affect your smile, but also cause disease in other areas of your body. There are some cases where an infection has spread beyond the tooth – for example, one patient developed pericoronitis when her lower right wisdom tooth became infected. This is an infection of soft tissue (gingiva) surrounding an un-erupted tooth – in short, it’s not fun! Pericoronitis needs treatment before it spreads further – otherwise things like jaw abscesses will develop.

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