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Different Gold Prices for different types of Gold

Many individuals are wary about the investing opportunities offered in India. Every investor wants to put their money into investment alternatives that produce the highest return in order to acquire the most money in the shortest period of time with the lowest risk. Every investor has unique needs and expectations in terms of their investment. Similarly, each individual has a varied risk appetite and distinct investing objectives. Some people invest for financial security, while others invest to meet specific investment goals. On the other hand, your investment choices should always be in line with your risk tolerance, financial goals, and liquidity requirements. In addition, gold has long been used as a form of inflation protection.

The number of foreign investors in India is steadily increasing. As a result, gold demand in the Indian market has reached new heights. However, before making any new purchases, it is a good idea to look up the Gold Rate in India Today to see what the current price and trends are in the gold markets.

Different between 999 and 916 Gold

The 24 carat gold is made up of pure gold. All the 24 parts of gold are made up of pure gold and are free from any kind of impurities and any other alloy mixtures. The 24 carat gold is available in the market as the purest form of gold which is 99.9% pure. Today the rate for 1 gram of 24 carat gold in India is INR 5286. The 22 carat gold on the other hand, is a mixture of gold and other metal alloys. This type of gold is made up of 22 parts of pure gold with the remaining two parts being metal alloys. While the 22 carat gold is 91.6% in nature and is available in the market today at a price of INR 4845 per gram.

The 24 carat gold is often referred to as 999 gold in the market. While the 22 carat gold is referred to as 916 gold. However, the 22 carat gold is generally used to make jewellery because the 24 carat gold can be brittle in its purest form. Therefore, the 24 carat gold jewellery can be easily broken. Therefore, jewellers always use the 22 carat gold to make gold jewellery.

Impact of Market on the Gold Rates

There are numerous factors that can impact the gold rates in the country. Some of the factors are as follows:


Gold has a lot of value in the market and therefore it is used to guard against inflation because of its virtually constant character when compared to currencies. This is why investors prefer gold to invest their money. As a result, when inflation is high, the gold demand increases, and vice versa. Because of the increased demand from customers, gold prices will skyrocket. Similarly,  the decrease in the demand for gold makes the gold prices fall.

Global Movements

The price of gold in India is also affected by global fluctuations in the gold price. This is due to the fact that India is one of the world’s leading importers of gold, and as a result, any changes in import prices reflect in the gold prices in the country. Because the value of money and other financial instruments might fall during any emergency crisis, investors consider gold as a safe haven. The demand and gold price would grow during such periods as opposed to quiet times. Generally, when people’s faith in the government and markets begins to erode, they turn to gold, which they refer to as the “crisis commodity.”

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