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The difference between synthetic and raw diamond

Diamonds are known to be the most expensive gemstone. Because it is a precious and rare stone, with an attractive shape. But there are many who excel in imitating raw diamond in beautiful forms. But they are artificial and not original. So we explain to you the difference between raw and synthetic diamonds.

Raw diamonds

A raw diamond is originally composed of carbon and its structure is cubic blue, which is octagonal. And some mutations may occur in its composition. But it mostly consists of carbon under high pressure underground.

Although carbon is the main component of coal, the properties differ between diamond-forming carbon. And coal-forming carbon in atomic structure and some other properties.

industrial diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are diamonds that undergo some artificial processes to be similar to raw diamonds.

There are several ways to manufacture it. Including chemical vapor deposition, high pressure, and other different manufacturing methods.

Industrial diamonds are used in many electronic industries, such as cutting or gluing tools. As well as in heat sinks, and in the development of electronic applications and other industries.

The difference between raw diamonds and synthetic diamonds

There are several ways to differentiate between raw diamonds and synthetic diamonds, including:

Take a breath test

A raw diamond can be confirmed by breathing near the gemstone until the breath vapor is seen on it. If the diamond was raw, the vapor would not be attached to it. Because it cannot withstand the heat, and it will get rid of it immediately. And preserve its transparency.

In front, if it was a synthetic diamond, we would find steam attached to it and remain for a few seconds.

lens test

A magnifying glass test can be used to detect the type of diamond, whether it is natural or imitation. Raw diamonds do not have any impurities at all. But if a piece of carbon appears or some thin white lines appear; This indicates that it is a synthetic diamond.

water test

This test is considered one of the most effective tests in knowing the difference between raw and synthetic diamonds. And this test is done by placing the diamond in the diamond. heavy.

scratch test

It is known about natural diamonds that it does not leave a trace of scratching on the glass. So this experiment can be carried out by scratching a plate of glass. Experiment not to damage the diamond.

newspaper test

The newspaper or newspaper test can be done by trying to read the words on it through the diamond.

Know the difference between natural and synthetic diamonds

There are several ways in which raw and synthetic diamonds can be distinguished when buying them, including:

  • 1- The jeweler’s seller is the one who can know the natural from the industrial.
  • 2- In natural diamonds, the diameter of one stone does not exceed 1.5 carats. While artificial diamonds may exceed that much.
  • 3- Natural diamonds have many colors available other than white. Including blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, red, and orange. White artificial diamonds are limited to white, blue, yellow, and pink.

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