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Dairy vinyl panels ensure proper care and utmost hygiene inside the milking parlor

Dairy vinyl panels ensure proper care and utmost hygiene

Install dairy vinyl panels inside your milking chamber to provide optimal hygiene. The dairy FRP panels rot, mold, peel off and delaminate after absorbing moisture. Investing in waterproof dairy wall panels is a great alternative to the FRP wallboard. The wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are strong, fire-resistant, and anti-bacterial.

Revamping the damp, dirty and stinky dairy parlor is a hassle. If you have invested in dairy FRP panels, then you will know the drawbacks by now. FRP panels peel off, mold, and delaminate fast. Investing in high-end dairy wall panels is a great solution. There are several wall materials in the market, but choose dairy vinyl panels for the numerous benefits. The PVC panels are 100% waterproof, highly durable, and resistant to high impacts, mold, bacteria, and other microbes. Dairy farming is one of the largest supply chains in the USA, and commercial farms need to adhere to FDA guidelines and other safety protocols. Maintaining proper hygiene inside the dairy farms is of paramount importance. That’s why you need to install high-quality PVC panels inside the commercial dairy unit. Here are a few things to note before you start investing in vinyl panels.

PVC is hygienic and anti-bacterial

The dairy FRP panels are prone to molding, rotting, and absorbing moisture. FRP has wooden backers that instantly absorb moisture and, with time, damages the wallboard. Dampness is one of the biggest problems leading to mold and mildew growth. However, vinyl panels being water-resistant and without any wooden backers restrict the growth of mold and mildew. The smooth PVC panels don’t allow dirt, debris, or filth to stay on the surface. The vinyl panels have no fissures that might accumulate hidden bacteria or animal waste around the corners. High-quality PVC panels are anti-bacterial and highly resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and other microbes. Vinyl panels have a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb moisture but rather sheds off any liquids from the outer plane.

PVC panels are simple to clean and maintain

The dairy wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are extremely easy to maintain without professional help. The wall panels are resistant to chemicals and waterproof. You need to wipe the wall panels with a damp mop, detergent, and bleaching agents. Regular cleaning isn’t required, but occasional maintenance is enough for the upkeep of the white and pristine-looking panels. Vinyl panels require no professional cleaning or heavy-duty maintenance. As a result, the panels look new and clean for years after installation. Premium quality vinyl panels last for 40 to 50 years with minimal upkeep and need no repairs, replacing, or refinishing.

PVC installation takes a few hours

The dairy vinyl panels take only a few hours to get installed to provide a waterproof and hygienic environment inside the milking chambers. The DIY PVC wall panels arrive with a user-friendly manual, making the installation easier. PVC panels take only 7 to 8 hours to get installed with the help of one labor. However, to speed up the installation, you can hire more labor and finish the work within 3 to 4 hours. On the contrary, FRP wall panels take two days for installation and require additional materials along with skilled labor. Installing FRP is a laborious and expensive task. Rather, get the hassle-free PVC panels for your milking parlor.

Wrapping up

Duramax gets you customized dairy panels at factory-direct cost. The vinyl panels shipped in 2 weeks reaches your milking parlor in DIY kits. Request a quote now.

Jack Lawson was looking for dairy wall panels for his commercial unit. He didn’t want to install dairy FRP panels because they mold easily and rot fast. Jack found Duramax online and decided to order dairy vinyl panels. The customized panels reached him right after two weeks. Jack was highly impressed with the quality and the limited lifetime warranty of the PVC products. He highly recommends Duramax.


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