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Branding Storyline: Create the Best Aesthetic For Your Design

What is a branding storyline? Many companies who are revamping their brand’s personality via a logo find it difficult. And there’s no doubt about it! Recreating a brand from scratch needs extra attention from the user. Your brand is the first thing that will be noticed at a first glance. When you understand what messages you are going to convey, it will become easier for you to create that voice in it.

Storytelling is adding ideas and emotions to your brand that work for your future business. You can tell the audience and be aware of your products and services. You assure them that your services are worthy. Branding only works when people trigger emotions whether it is physical or emotional. Best design and storytelling will become memorable for the audience in the long term. Know about how important storytelling is in branding and how it works.

1- Think about the brand’s message 

Before starting or working on your project, first, determine your audience and what messages you are going to convey in it. In more simple words, it tells about what you want your audience to think about your brand. What is the first vibe that you want to deliver when they first hear your brand’s name? 

Your next task is to convert that idea into visual cues that resonate in the audience’s mind. Do in-depth research, the proper study, and analysis to create that vibe in your brand and its logo.

2- Add information about the brand

You have created the idea for your business aesthetics. Now, what is the next thing you have to apply for? Give the audience complete details about your products, services, and ambitions. It helps to build trust and loyalty.

Add all your socials to your website. Give proper links to business accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn from where people can reach you easily. Many companies offer affordable logo design services for branding and marketing options to get a customized design at your door set and this would be a good idea too.

3- Get a proper understanding of designs

Understanding all the latest design tips and tools helps you to gain an idea of it. Good logo design never gets old-fashioned, they might get refreshed (in some cases). Think about some famous old brands. How many times have they changed their logo? 

Using perfect aesthetics in your logo design helps you evoke the audience’s emotions. Some best designs are

  1. Classic
  2. Retro
  3. Material
  4. Handcrafted
  5. Modern/Minimalist

Above are some of the best designs that have been in trend for almost fifty years. There are many other that gives your logo an outstanding look. Now it’s time to narrow down research about designs.

4- Keep a smooth balance

While you have created your own identity and personality for your brand, now what else do you need for it? A balance that maintains overall branding. While brainstorming on a different idea, you have to remain calm and be thoughtful. Try to get inspiration from those and not copy them entirely. Keep it minimal and simple as much as possible. Keep your brand’s aesthetics unique. 

Let’s take a situation that if you are selling antique pieces of art. How will you differentiate yourself from others when they are selling ancient and vintage pieces too? This is called uniqueness and gathering ideas. 

5- Your design should work anywhere

Always create your brand on such grounds that works everywhere. Make it culturally friendly too. With the advancement of digital media, it is no brainy that your logo will reach all over the world just in seconds. Consider your all social where your design has to fit. It must look stunning on any platform. Share it on your 

  • Brand’s website
  • Blog posts and websites
  • Online advertisements
  • Social media portfolios etc

6- Tell the audience about your brand’s look and feels through storytelling

It is important to tell the audience about your brand’s looks and feelings. Colors, fonts, typography, and other visual elements evoke the best emotions through storytelling. But always be careful while telling your story as it has the power to gain as well as lost customers. Your storyline should be powerful to grab anyone’s attention in the first place. You may seek help from any graphic designer to add an essence of purity and sophistication.

7- Get Feedback from the audience

It is necessary to get connected with your audience via online means if you want to maintain your brand identity. Once when you have published something (about your products), it will become difficult to get the marketing of your content. You should hire a freelancer, personal digital marketing agency for this reason. They will do marketing for your content and connect the audience with your site plus increase your website ratings too.


Hence to create a strong brand’s personality, a strong logo design is needed. Always remember that you are the actual author of your brand’s story. Let the designer work on it. Let your brand’s logo and website speak for themselves. Make it memorable for the next-generation and let its sparkle fade.


I am a tech enthusiast and professional writer who is passionate to write about innovation, design, and digital marketing. As an author, I strive to create content that is interesting, engaging, and valuable to my audience.

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