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Best Things to Do in Rann Utsav, Kutch

Rann Utsav is well-known as the largest salt desert and is located in the region of Kutch in Gujarat. Some people also know this place as ‘The Tent City’ and this main venue Is planned by the government.

Nothing would be greater than to plan a stumble towards Rann of Kutch.

This place is sensational in Gujarat which started in the month of November to February every year. Rann Utsav is celebrated as festivals with the natural beauty of white sand, bounce, songs, and surrounded by a great view.

How to visit Rann of Kutch?

To make the journey more memorable, traveling has to be relaxing. There are three ways to reach Rann Utsav which are by roads, trains, flights:

  • Roads: As it will take a long time by bus and the journey will not be convent through the bus. Buses will drop you at Bhuj then you have to take a cab or auto to reach Rann. You can also go by car but then it will also take too long to reach with stressful driving. But there is one benefit: you can take all your items and luggage with you without worrying.
  • Trains: This is the best and favorite mode to travel easily and safely. If you travel by train then it will be a great experience of traveling, where you can enjoy the journey and talk with people who sit beside you. You can directly reach Bhuj, then you can go by taxi, cab, or auto.
  • Flights: Flight mode is one of the highest modes and you’ll reach your destination very fast and safely. From Bhuj airport, the Rann of Kutch is very near. You can choose any mode after that like a taxi or auto.

What is Rann Utsav?
Rann Utsav is one of the places which is eagerly awaited by tourists. This festival has been organized by the government to show the inner beauty of Gujarat, also to show the Artisans their design, performance, culture, and much more.

Best day to visit this beautiful destination on a full moon night, you can also have a campfire there.

That night will be unforgettable for every traveler with the artist who is performing folk arts, dance and many more activities to be done.

You have to see the simple life of the local peoples, travelers, their houses, painting, and pottery.

Rann Utsav is basically not to explore just places; it’s about exploring yourself too. This festival has become increasing rapidly in recent years.

There are many more attractions which you have to see after visiting Bhuj and they are Swaminarayan temple, Tapkeshwari temple, Tina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Narayan Sarovar.

There would be various tents where you can stay in. The tents will be too beautiful, it will directly connect your heart.

With all modern amenities and with a traditional touch from outsides. You can choose any tents according to your need and stay there.

There would be both traditional activities and modern activities like camel rides and ATV rides. There are more things which you can do are yoga, parasailing, spa and massages, and the list goes on.

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How to Book for Rann Utsav

You can easily customize Rann Utsav Packages and book them with us easily. We have various types of options which you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

All the packages that we are providing will be in your budgets. The tents will be luxurious and offer a peek of natural living.

When you book with us you will be getting the best deals and this will be your advantage. If you haven’t booked then you have to check our Rann Utsav packages and get a great experience.

When is Rann Utsav

The Rann of Kutch begins in November and lasts till March. During this five-month, this place will be crowded. But if you want to avoid crowds then you can visit during the march month-end.


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