Some Guideline To Draw Fashion Croquis Step By Step

A Croquis is a sketch of a model that can be traced to create clothes. It can also be referred to as an adolescent figure or a template.

Fashion croquis comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles. It is dependent on the intended application of your design and the audience you’re creating it for. I’ve had different croquis in my career. Certain were stylized, while others were simple.

I will show you how to draw the “9 heads” croquis. The croquis is 9 feet tall at the highest point of your head up to the ankles, which is longer than the typical woman. (The feet aren’t included in the equation because they differ in height based on the kind of shoe and the heel height.)

A 9-head model magnifies the dimensions of a model, displaying clothes on an extended and dramatic scale.

But fashion models can and should, possess diverse body proportions. I suggest you change your croquis into any size or shape.

This guide will show you how to design the croquis with 9 heads (with the proportions used in fashion institutes) but you can alter the proportions in the future to best match your demographic.

What does “9 Heads” Tall Define?

The size and height of the head are used as an indicator for the dimensions of the remainder of the body.

It’s beneficial to utilize your head to serve as a measure to measure, not an actual measurement, since the size of your paper will vary. From a small piece of newspaper to billboards you can draw the dimensions and proportions of your image by drawing fashion illustration templates.

If you’re working on an 8.5 11×11 inch page, then you may make each head roughly 1″ tall, however, this measurement can vary based on the size of your paper.

Establishing guidelines

Step 1. Draw nine heads of approximately the same size and shape, and then label 1-9. (leave extra space on the lower left of the page to accommodate footprints.)

Step 2. Create horizontal lines across each head (make sure they’re straight)

Step 3. Add a dashed line between 1 1/2″ and 4 1/4″ heads.

step 4: The anatomy is labeled as shown on this webpage.

The drawing of the Croquis Skeleton

Step 1. Make a horizontal line perpendicular to the horizontal guidelines. This is the center line.

Step 2. Draw an oval to form the head.

Step 3. Create a line horizontal to represent the shoulder area (roughly two” Heads wide)

Step 4. Repetition step 3 on the shoulders (the shoulders and hips are of the same size)

Phase 5: Make a vertical line to define your body’s waste (roughly one head’s width)

Step 6. Join the shoulders hips, waist, and shoulder.

Step 7. Make a drawing of a guideline for the arms in the image

Step 8: Draw a vertical line from the waist downwards

Step 9Draw an outline of the neck

Step 10. Join the shoulders to your neck.

Step 11 Create small ovals for knees

Step 12 Create small ovals to represent the ankles

Making the Shape

Be patient and draw with a light touch so you can easily erase.

Step 1. Ovals to represent the shoulder, bicep, as well as the lower arm

Step 2. Circles for both the lower and upper leg

Step 3. Draw three triangles to represent feet

step 4. Add form to your neck, and define the arm using the ovals as a guideline. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 5. Outline your foot and the legs in the manner illustrated, using the ovals as a guideline. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6. Add your neck, bra, and underwear lines as shown.

Step 7. Add centerline on the body’s sides in the illustration. princess line.

Step 8. Edit your croquis to the extent desired, altering proportions if necessary. Follow the steps below to finish the croquis.

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