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Best Practices to Manage and Improve Your Online Brand Identity

With today’s media and online-focused economy, brand reputation is critical to customer decision-making.

Your company’s internet presence is frequently the initial point of contact for a potential customer or client. It is often your website or a social media profile. However, several additional internet locations where someone in your target market might get information about your company. These include review sites, other social media pages with your company information, local listings, and other marketing platforms on the internet.

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Business owners rarely have enough time to master different marketing techniques and understand how to execute them properly on their platforms. It is advisable to engage a professional marketing firm for the best result. We propose paying a visit to Neon Lizard Creative, a full-service digital marketing agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What consumers learn about your brand can directly influence their decision to do business with you or a rival. A good brand reputation may also boost customer trust, promote client recruitment, and attract job candidates.

That is why, in today’s digital age, your company or a digital marketing firm must undertake proactive steps to create and grow your online presence. Here are some strategies for managing and improving your company’s internet brand reputation.

Expand and Simplify Your Online Presence

  1. Social Media Marketing

There are currently over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide as of 2021. It is more than 400 million more than this time last year, representing an almost 10% increase year on year. That is why digital marketing firms focus more on social media marketing these days. Many consumers use social media to find information about a brand and share that information with others.

Social media marketing helps build brand awareness, which is why your online brand image is so vital. Many businesses use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter as the primary platforms for social media marketing and building a brand’s digital presence. There are other platforms; eventually, you must evaluate which can be used effectively for maximum value.

2. Local Listings

Over 90% of individuals utilize the internet to search for information about a company. Local results are displayed at the top of search results pages by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Your local listings must be accessible and up to date. These guarantees that your company is readily found and boost your online brand visibility. Local directories to which you should submit your information include:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!

3. Organize Your Accounts

Avoid having many local entries in the same directory, and limit yourself to one social media account per platform. Having multiples will likely confuse folks and perhaps turn them off. Organizing your accounts also helps SEO, which leads to enhanced online searchability and brand visibility. All of this contributes to the enhancement of your brand’s reputation.

Integrity in Content Creation

Content marketing is also critical if you want to stay competitive. Producing valuable and entertaining content helps build a buzz in your business, position yourself as an expert in your subject, and increase brand visibility. Brands that emphasize blogging initiatives are more likely to receive a good return on investment.

Finally, the primary purpose of producing content is to maintain your audience engaged in your brand. Each piece of content you create is an opportunity to highlight your brand what it has to provide. Start with a blog if you don’t already have one.

  1. Blogging

Starting a blog and providing regular material might seem intimidating if you may not have in-house marketing staff or a writer. However, a digital marketing agency such as ours can quickly develop captivating, intelligent, and visually appealing material that will resonate with your target audience. Blogging will not only condition your audience but also boosts your website’s SEO, making it easier for active searchers to locate your business.

2. Press Releases

Distributing press releases is another excellent approach to promote your brand and increase your internet brand recognition. These are useful for SEO, but they also inform your audience about important events, such as new advancements in your firm.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most cost-effective marketing platforms with the highest ROI. Getting the subtleties of email marketing right can be tricky, which is why many firms use a digital marketing agency to achieve a good email marketing campaign.

Consider podcasts to produce entertaining and thought-provoking material, or create a YouTube account to display items, conduct demos, or provide instructional how-to videos. All of these choices, in order to be highly searchable when paired with great SEO, help to strengthen your online brand image.

Request that your customers provide meaningful online reviews.

Online reviews may improve search engine results, raise click-through rates, and influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions. That is why it is critical to invite customers/employees to post evaluations on the numerous sites that allow them.

Almost 90% of people trust internet evaluations, and almost 75% think favorable ratings increase their trust in a brand. However, it is critical to have recent reviews—nearly 80% of consumers do not believe evaluations older than 3 months to be useful, and people read an average of 7 reviews before they feel they can trust a firm.

You may use automation to request reviews from clients and customers. It can also be a smart idea to offer a reward, such as a rebate on a possible purchase or the opportunity to win a gift card. Offering incentives can dramatically boost the likelihood of receiving a review.

Expert tip: Include good reviews on your brand’s website and landing pages to increase online conversions and leads.

Take Notice of What Others Are Talking About Your Brand

You must be proactive in investigating what customers and clients are expressing about your business on social media and in online reviews. This not only provides you with good insight into how well your online brand reputation is performing but also what you can do to preserve and improve it.

Promptly and Professionally Reply to Negative Reviews

Reading reviews is simply one aspect of the work; reacting to them in a professional and good manner is critical as well. Negative reviews, in particular, must be addressed immediately, courteously, and in a way that satisfactorily resolves the reviewer’s difficulties or complaints.

This does two critical things.

  1. It demonstrates to the original reviewer and anybody else viewing the feedback that you care enough to listen to and reply to a customer issue.
  2. It also demonstrates that you respect their company and aim to enhance client relations by correcting any mistakes.

Both of the aforementioned steps help to improve your online brand reputation and influence people to do business with your firm when additional potential consumers and clients browse through the reviews and your comments.

Final thoughts

To be a successful firm, you must always strive to adapt and change in response to your customers and the marketplace’s changing demands and requirements. Brands should develop a strategy that fosters consumer trust while also having a major influence on the organization’s success. You may speak with our superior digital marketing and web design agency team to understand how you can create more collateral to further boost your online brand reputation.

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Freelance creative content writer and tech savvy.

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