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Mobile Application Development

Properly designed mobile apps will help your business move forward.

With their help, you can train employees, conduct a deal, plan or set tasks, and purchase or deliver goods. At the same time, all procedures will be carried out in a convenient format, both for the client and the business.

How tasks are solved with the application

Nowadays, the creation of mobile applications is one of the ways to promote a business. After installing them, you:

  • ∙ stimulate sales, be able to be in touch with customers around the clock, which will increase the company’s profit;
  • ∙ increase loyalty to your products thanks to a simplified shopping algorithm and improved service;
  • ∙ reduce costs by saving on the advertising product. You will not need additional jobs;
  • ∙ Automate processes.

Mobile applications are useful for society and convenient for customers and companies (it doesn’t matter if it is a large, medium, or small private business). Moreover, the timely mobile application development services will allow you to develop and not stand still.

Stages of work

Development is an important, detailed, time-consuming process that begins with information collection. Then, at the very beginning, designing a business model and analytics is carried out, including analysis of requirements, business processes, and technical and marketing audits.

Working on the concept, we offer a ready-made prototype of the product, allowing you to evaluate the application and its work. Then, if necessary, corrections and improvements are made to it.

At Mavenup Creatives, you can order a mobile application at an affordable price. In the process of work we:

  • ∙ analyze the market;
  • ∙ we will audit products offered by competitors;
  • ∙ create software architecture and high-quality code;
  • ∙ we will accompany the application throughout its entire life cycle.

We can create a mobile application at a favorable price for the client on the platform: Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and others.

Creating an application for mobile devices is long-term work, during which metrics are studied, properties are improved, and user requests are taken into account. You can order a new mobile application and its regular support, including:

  • ∙ checking the state of the system;
  • ∙ modernization of the application related to the update of Android and IOS;
  • ∙ decoding and monitoring of metrics with detailed reporting;
  • ∙ solution of possible problems of interaction with the content and the server;
  • ∙ work with reviews (tracking and ongoing interaction);
  • ∙ adaptation to business projects.

Our company will solve even the most complex tasks. At the same time, the work was expensive. Performed is negotiated with the customer before signing official documents.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

You need to create a mobile application – the price is based on how hard the work is, the planned functionality, and assistance in preparing documentation, design, development of the server side, and technical support.

Contact our company — mobile application development is our calling. With the help of our services, you will quickly move your business to the next level. Minimize costs and increase profits.

The project’s estimate cost is negotiated at the stage of concluding the contract. We will create software for mobile applications and perform custom work to update or upgrade your existing software.

You can contact us by phone, by e-mail, or by filling out the feedback form on the official website of Mavenup Creatives. Your location does not matter to us. We provide services throughout the country and abroad.

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