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3 successful social media marketing strategies for the health sector

Health is one of the sectors with the most constant demand. Therefore, it is easy to say that it is an essential sector. Although this does not mean that there is not very high competition. To differentiate themselves and achieve their sales goals. Companies in the health sector need a solid social media marketing and communication strategy, including social networks.

Due to the highly dedicated nature of the sector. It is necessary to take great care with the messages that are launched on social networks. Otherwise, we can create an online reputation crisis in minutes. Let’s not forget that social networks have countless benefits and some other risks.

For your social media marketing strategy in the health sector to be successful. Below are some keys and examples of success.

Humanization and focus on the customer’s life as the basis of the strategy

In the healthcare marketing agency sector, people are treated medically. Still, attention must also be paid to what these people want, feel, and fear, which any effective marketing strategy must consider.

Professionals usually know the disease or situation very well at the level of the organism and treatment. Still, to convince people that by hiring a certain brand. They will be making the right decision. It is also necessary to know the disease in the day-to-day life of those who suffer from it.

Basing a social media marketing agency strategy on content focused on the most daily situations of patients will be the key to striking a chord. That will make them identify you as the solution to their problem and not just as a brand they want to sell. In addition, this will create a bond with the client that will enhance all company areas. Because there is no environment more emotional than that of a person who has a health problem.

An excellent example of this strategy is the IVI brand of clinics, world leaders in reproductive medicine. This brand is very clear about appearing human and attainable for all its prospects. That is why they focus all their actions and social media language on humanizing their patients. And putting themselves in their shoes, speaking (for example) phrases that they usually hear and that can harm them.

In addition, on their Facebook page, they have described all their services in an extraordinarily simple way so that each person who clicks on them can know what it is about by reading a three-line paragraph. Their YouTube channel has a segment called # Conversations IVI, dedicated to showing improvement stories around the brand.

El video marketing as the main resource

According to figures from Forbes, it is proven that 95% of people say that they are much more receptive to a call to action. They have seen in a video than another that they have seen in an image or text. This is because the credibility of a video is difficult to beat by another format.

People want to bond emotionally with a company. But they also need quality, comprehensive information to consider it an industry authority. Using video marketing for content such as medical procedures, simulations, advertisements. And testimonials of success stories transformed into storytelling is just some of the best decisions you can make when deciding what content to share in your marketing strategy on social media.

A clear example of this is the dental clinic, which constantly shares videos on its Facebook page and YouTube channel about 3D simulations of common dental procedures for their patients and short advertising spots optimized for different platforms and focused on generating action immediately on the prospectus.

Customer education in a simple and fast way

Customer education is key, and it is related to the previous point: videos are very educational, so this symbiosis can be key to the success of a brand.

People are not experts in medical, dental, or anything like that. That is why they hire specialists. That is, exhaustive information convinces.

The same thing happens in the pharmaceutical industry, and the multinational knows it very well. In its subsidiary in Colombia, this brand of medicines aimed at women in all its stages has focused on telling its customers, through its Facebook page and Instagram profile, how their hormonal processes work, what supplements can be helpful, and how to manage the symptoms of various natural processes in your body.

Any strategy you decide to implement in the health sector must understand the importance of positioning yourself as an authority in the sector.

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