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2 Easy Methods to Chase Bank Direct Deposit Cards and Savings

We all are aware of some of the oldest banks in the States, among which is Chase which was founded in 1799. It is undoubtedly one of the best financial institutions in America. Although it is a fast-paced bank, there are still many people who don’t know anything about banking with Chase. Most people, especially the generation of boomers still believe in the concept of “Cash is King”. Well, sorry to break it to you boomer, but the world has evolved and moved on from cash. Nobody anymore likes carrying cash for obvious reasons, DUH. 

The risk of the Cash getting stolen, lost or robbed is all eliminated by carrying our revenues digitally. Isn’t that conveniently safe? All you need is the Chase routing number and you can use your Chase account as per your requirements. We thought so too. But there for those who want to shift towards virtual factors of financing, we have come here only for you. Today in this blog we are going to inform you of some of the services offered by the Chase Bank. 

What are some services offered by a Chase?

Every traditional bank offers pretty much the same services. Yet, the difference comes from the charges and the fees imposed by the bank. Chase offers checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, debit cards, direct deposits and so much more. Let us go down the blog and tell you more about the Chase banking facilities. 

  • Checking Account 

Checking or spending accounts is one of the most important parts of managing our finances. It is important to choose where you open a checking account because of the fee for transitions, withdrawals and overdrafts. Chase is currently offering the best competitive facilities for a checking account. 

  • Savings account 

As the saying goes, it is never too early to start saving. The savings accounts by Chase offer a yield interest rate. This is perfect for people wanting to spend less and save more. The best part of this savings account is that the more money you put in this account, the more interest you will earn. 

  • Chase debit card

There are many reasons why a Chase debit card is much better than a card offered by any other bank. There are no transaction fees on withdrawals from out of network ATMs. 

  • Online banking 

Doesn’t it sound exciting? A traditional bank but also virtual facilities. Things only get better from here. Chase is an FDIC insured bank, so you can say the risk of scams and frauds goodbye. 

On top of that, you can make mobile deposits using the Chase App and even receive balance notifications on every transaction. 

  • Chase QuickPay and Zelle 

These payments are specifically for automatic bill payments, EMI payments and peer-to-peer transactions. QuickPay and Zelle are fast and easy to use. No matter what the bank – you can send, receive and request money from anyone you know. 

  • Chase direct deposit 

With Chase direct deposit you get your money up to two days early. When most people are sick of taking their paper paychecks to banks and waiting in hour-long lines just to deposit their money, waiting for the checks to get cleared and eventually receiving the money after 3-4 business days. But all that is not necessary with a Chase direct deposit. You can easily set up a direct deposit with chase by submitting a form. There are no chances of being a Chase direct deposit late. If in case you receive your direct deposit late, then you must contact the chase customer service. 

So, open a Chase account and take advantage of multiple facilities at zero fees and charges.

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